Want to know how to get a body like Superman (Henry Cavill)?

Want To Know How To Get A Body Like Superman

I’ve always wanted to write an article about my childhood superhero but I guess I had to wait for the right time to arrive. Okay, so I left it a bit late? Not exactly. This article is about how to get a body like Superman, not necessarily a review of the movie and why women are so turned on by his chiseled jaw and thick head of black hair.

I sure wish they made a remake of the 1980’s Super Girl. I bet a lot of guys would enjoy that. Although the movie was shit, Helen Slater was perfect for the role.

So a lot of people are talking about Henry Cavill  and some think he was the best man to play Superman instead of Brandon Routh in Superman Returns. To be honest. I wasn’t a fan of man of steel because I’m not into all the special effects that the movie had. Way too much that made it look even more unrealistic in my opinion.

Chris Reeve kicked ass as (RIP) Superman in the late 70’s. But of all the men that played Superman, most people would agree that Henry Cavill was in better shape in terms of size and muscle.

henry cavill comparied to previous supermans

comic supermanMan of Steel  has actually inspired a lot of young people to work out in an attempt to emulate the “Super Body” of Superman. If you look at Henry from some of the other movies he did over the years he wasn’t as muscular like he was when he did Man of Steel.

He obviously did a ridiculous amount of hard work to get in that kind of shape and it has definitely paid off well for him since the movie had gone in at number one at the box office around the world.

He coached under the wing of celebrity personal trainer “Mark Twight” who has opened his eyes to seeing parts that he taught were his limits.


Henry Cavill Trained by Mark Twight

Anybody with little to no gym experience under their belt, if they make the commitment with the right amount of desire to get in shape can achieve similar or far greater results than this.

But it does take a lot of hard work and determination. From what I have read and heard in these interviews, he’s been getting up at the crack of dawn and training like a madman in the attempt to be the best superman ever.

Almost every website you visit you see advertisements of fitness programs, products and coaching services. It’s everywhere, especially when those ads you see on You Tube. So with that kind of information spread across the internet like wild fire, it’s no wonder guys are starting to feel self-conscious about their bodies and are making an effort to exercise often.

I think it’s a good idea to take action to improve your body but that doesn’t mean you should buy into all the hype you see and read about on the internet.

Almost anybody with a few exercise tips can get in shape if they can commit at least 45-1 hour a day, 4-5 days a week.  So instead of idolizing over your favorite superhero’s physique, I would say get off your butt, take small steps and have realistic expectations for you body type.

Man of Steel physique

Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you have no clue how to work out, not to worry most gyms have personal trainers and there job is to instruct gym members how to exercise and set realistic goals for yourself.

Don’t be one of those guys that go to the gym the first day and it hurts too much to stick with it. I took a four month break away from the gym earlier this year because I got a back injury. But when I went back I didn’t feel the same way.

I actually put on weight and my muscles shrunk but I knew I had to pretty much start from scratch and take things slowly.

But I knew that eventually I’d lose belly fat, start to tone up and get back in great shape again.

So take things slowly, you don’t want to rush straight into it because you don’t want to cause a serious injury where you probably won’t be able to work out again. Trust me it’s not worth it.

Once you get the hang of how to use the gym equipment and have a knowledgeable  trainer guiding you can begin to push yourself way beyond your perceived boundaries. If you are carrying a bit of weight, then you will need to burn off body fat. The best exercise to burn body fat and maintain muscle is by doing either interval training on a treadmill or out door sprints.

There are actually tons of other ways of doing interval training  but those two give me the best results.

How To Build Shoulders and Chest Like Superman

What I Believe makes Henry Cavill stand out in man of steel is his shoulders and chest.

Therefore, I recommend doing lateral raises, shoulder presses and shrugs to really compliment your shoulder development.

henry cavill shoulder press

Other weight exercise to include into your workout regimen are bench press, (Flat and incline bench press).

Squats and Lunges, using either kettle bells, barbell or dumbbells workouts.

henry cavill workout

When you think about it, It’s the process of self-discovery. There is a strong connection what a soldier will do before they go into battle and the process that Henry Cavill went through to become the Superman character.

So find out for yourself it you have what it takes to achieve the body of a super hero, to find out whether you actually can do what you believe you believe you can do.

If you believe you can, then take action and prove to yourself that you too can  get the body of a superman!

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