Obama Can Drink A Pint Like A Hard Man, But Does He Even Lift?

obama workout routine

Obama can drink a pint like a hard man, but does he even lift?

I kinda regret not seeing Obama when he visited Ireland in 2011. But It’s great to see him pumping iron in a video that was secretly recorded by a polish guy while he was staying at the hotel in Warsaw.

Here’s a tweet that I found find quite funny.

obama workout tweet

Some big newspapers made a big deal out of it, calling it a major security bridge.

According to the secret services, everybody gave Obama a big cheer prior to him entering the building.

president obama in poland

The 2 minute long video shows president Obama doing shoulder presses, lunges,flys and weighted step-ups (one of my favorites). Although he does look pretty exhausted from lifting those 2 kg dumbbells.

Maybe he was just warming up before a heavy squat session that wasn’t captured in the video…ah well, who knows, maybe in part 2.

The guy who recorded and edited this video should have added the rocky theme and then it would have been worth looking at. 🙂

Check Out President Obama’s Gym Workout

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