How I Lost 30 lbs In 3 Months, Then Another 10 lbs Lifting Weights

Justin: The following is a guest post and success story by Kristin Kohn, at Team Beachbody Coach. Kristin is also a good friend of mine and I’m seriously impressed how she lost 30 lbs in 3 months , then another 10 lbs lifting weights without spending hours of effort at the gym. It goes to show, if your willing to commit a few months of exercise and healthy eating, you can completely transform your body from flab to fab. As I always say, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. Okay, Take it away Kristin!

How I Lost 30lbs, Then Another 10lbs Lifting Weights

162lbs to 117lbs skinny and 125lbs now fit.


My Weight Loss Journey

Hey everyone, my name is Kristin, and I started my fitness journey just about two years ago. I was always average weight until I noticed that I had gained about 20lbs in 4 months. I decided it was time for a change.

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My boyfriend is a personal trainer, so he wrote up a workout plan for me. I wouldn’t be where I am today fitness-wise without him. Just last night, he critiqued my weight-lifting form so I can get the most out of my workouts.

For the first couple of months, I stuck to cardio. I ran for an hour every day and worked out my abs every other day.

I wore layers suggested by my boyfriend. I fought him on this and did not see the benefit, but to this day, I wear a hoodie at the gym. I love how much more I sweat with one on. Within three months, I lost 30lbs of fat. I then transitioned to lifting weights.

I was uneducated and had no idea what I was doing, so I asked questions, researched, and observed people at the gym who seemed to know what they were doing.


Over that summer, I lost another 10lbs from weight training without trying. I should mention that my nutrition played a huge role in my results. I began reading up on clean eating techniques and adhered to a strict dieting plan.

Now, while I was losing weight, I did diet. However, the diet never truly stopped. Today, I still do not drink pop, drink alcohol, or eat mass junk food. I limit myself to one dessert a week and limit the amount of times I eat pizza and pasta.

I try to work in all the food groups, and stick to eating several times a day (5-6) with smaller portions instead of eating a lot three different times a day. This has helped my metabolism so much.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

About two months, I became a fitness coach for Beachbody. I had already been doing Insanity and P90X for years, and I needed an extra income (poor grad student), so I took a shot! And it has been a great journey thus far!

I continuously see results in appearance, energy, and strength! I love helping people reach their health and fitness goals. I am now doing a program called Insanity Asylum built for athletes and were loving it.

A workout program that changed my life

I also recently start a program called PiYo that works at your core, strength, cardio, and flexibility with no jumps or weights—imagine that!

I drink the healthiest meal of the day—Shakeology! Shakeology is a meal replacement that has seventy whole foods in it. I drink it every day, usually right after my workout in the morning.

I have seen great energy level improvements, reduced cravings, get full faster, and have improved digestion! I love it!

About a year went by and continued to learn new exercises and workout routines, new tips on clean eating.

Support from my family

In the past year, my family has been the greatest support I could ask for. My brothers and sisters, while still young and in high school, are very motivated to be fit and healthy as well.

We support each other by spotting each other lifting and encouraging each other to always strive for more. Our household has gone from one that is not really concerned with fitness to one that is really conscious about health and fitness.

family pic

They have gotten me to where I am now as well. They push me to not give up or slack off on days that I am feeling lazy. They work hard which inspires me to work harder. It is so important to have a good support system in a health and fitness journey. You will see great results with the help of loved ones!

gained more muscle

I maintained my weight but lost more fat and gained more muscle.

At 23 years old, I have never felt better about myself.

My advice to you…

Make getting fit a healthy way of life, not just a temporary fix.

Making something a habit is the hardest hurdle to jump. Once you make eating healthy, sleeping good, and regularly exercising, you will start to crave it!

I want everyone to write down their WHY. Why do you want to get fit and healthy? How did you get to the point where you are now that you just can’t take it anymore and need a change? Or how did you get to a plateau and need some further motivation?

Why are you doing this: is it for you, your kids, your self-esteem, have you had some health troubles and need to make that a priority?
What is your WHY?

And how will it make you feel once you reach that goal?

Focus on that each and everyday. Write it out and post it somewhere visible.

Tell people you love so they will hold you accountable to your wishes and your word. Once you know your why and tell yourself it every day, make a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely). Then stick to your plan of action. DO NOT GIVE UP!



I maintained my weight but lost more fat and gained more muscle.

Before and After

That’s when you will see the best results. I believe that anyone who wants something bad enough will get it because they worked for it!

They made no excuses, held themselves accountable and did not blame others, the cold weather, bad programs, work for it! Read every day.

Educate yourself every day.

Commit to practicing personal development because that is key motivation. I hope this was helpful, and have a happy and safe thanksgiving everyone!

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