Going to the Gym for the First Time and Training Alone

Hi Justin,

I want to start going to the gym for the first time to lift weights. But I have no one to go with me.  I know that on exercises like the bench press, or the squat, you need a spotter.  But I do not have anyone to go to the gym with. What should I do? I heard that you can do it alone and not go to failure or do it it the squat rack, but there is only 1 squat rack in my gym and I don’t want to hog it.

Thanks a bunch!

Nathan, you don’t always need a gym buddy to help you with your workout. I know lots of guys that go to the gym and train alone. Also, I’m sure you would have no problem find a spotter, whether your doing squats or bench press, but since it’s your first time, you don’t need to worry about that for now.

My first gym experience

The first time I ever went to the gym back in 2004,  I went alone, with a bit of encouragement from my sister. I had no idea what I was really doing, but I was very enthusiastic about working out. Up until that point, I was at home training as best I could with just a pair of dumbbells and a barbell, in my back garden.

When I did get a gym membership, I didn’t have a proper workout routine, until I met some guy who offered to be my training partner. Luckily for me, he happened to live in the same area as I did. He was also a gym fanatic, so that’s exactly the kind of gym buddy I needed at that time.

Get a gym instructor to show you

Nathan, You don’t need anybody to go to the gym with. Because it’s your first time, I suggest you get a gym instructor to give you a basic workout program and to show you the correct way to squat and bench press.

That’s what they’re paid for. A lot of the instructors would be happy to guide you in the right direction if they’re not too busy.

Get help from gym members

But from my experience, you will learn so much more from actual gym members that have been training for years and know exactly how to get good results.

It’s easy to spot them, because they are usually in great shape. I get guys asking me for advice in gyms, because it’s obvious to them. I’m in pretty good shape and they can tell I have a lot of experience. I’m not saying interrupt their workout, but when they busy, you can ask them for some guidance. Not every guy will want to help you, but you’d be surprised how helpful most guys are at the gym.

So, my advice is, don’t be afraid to go to the gym on your own, it’s perfectly normal. If you want to feel more comfortable, then you can go when when it’s not busy, may in the morning time.

It does help having a friend to go to the gym with but sometimes you can’t rely on friends to show up every time you want to work out. But the fact that you seem enthusiastic, it won’t take you long to learn all the basic exercises.

rome wasn't built in a dayDon’t worry about getting a spotter this early, it’s your first time.

You don’t want to burn yourself out so that you’re unable to attend the gym the next day. This is all new to you.

These workout’s should be useful to get you on the right track:

Chest and Triceps Workout

Back and Biceps Workout

Best Leg Workout

Nathan, best of luck! If anybody has any questions they would like me to answer, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

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