7 Day Extreme Diet Plan (Day 6)

Luckily I’m almost there. Eating just cauliflower and drinking protein shakes for 6 days straight has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. A lot of people disagree with me for doing this, but one thing for sure is that It has helped me get back in the shape I wanted. I can’t argue with people to say that this diet is a great way to lose a lot of weight but it definitely helped me lose some weight and become leaner with my intense gym routine.

Photos from day 6










Photos from day 1

Here are the photos I took from day 1 (Justin 5 days ago). Any Difference?









Today’s Workout


Standing Shoulder Press with Barbell – 4 sets @ 30 kgs – 10 reps

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press – 3 sets @ 30 kgs – 10 reps

Shoulder Dumbell Raises – 3 sets @ 20 kgs – 10 reps


Triceps – 3 sets of Barbell Lying Tricep Extensions (15 kgs)
Overhead Cable Tricep Extensions – 3 sets @ 15kgs
Tricep Cable Pressdown – 3 sets @ 20 kgs
Standing Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension – 3 sets @ 18 kgs


10 X 30 second intervals on treadmill- 18 kph (Highest Speed) – 20 second rest period
I’ll be updating this progress on a daily bases so stay tuned for Day 7 and will make another video soon.

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