Do Women Think Pro Bodybuilders Are Hot? (Watch Video)

For those of you that are wondering whether or not women think pro-bodybuilders are hot. In this post I will be sharing two videos on what women think of body builders and if they would date with one.

do women think pro bodybuilders are hot

Obviously not every woman finds a big muscular guy attractive and I can’t speak for the entire female population either.

Every woman has there own preference when it comes to the kind of physique they look for in a guy.

I know many pro-bodybuilders such as Frank Mgraths who is already dating a beautiful woman that obviously doesn’t have a problem with the way he looks.

I’m sure he has a lot more going for him and it’s not like she wants to be around him so she can look at his muscles

Frank mgraths

Frank Mgraths woman

Frank Mgraths Woman

I would agree though, if you’re one of these guys who spends most of his time in the gym then most women aren’t going to stick around long enough for a second date.

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Below is a video that I found on You tube about what young college girls think pro bodybuilder, Jay Cutler.

My Thoughts…

What the guy interviewing them doesn’t seem to get, Jay Cutler chooses to get big and muscular for Jay Cutler, not to impress young college girls that don’t have a clue about bodybuilding.

The interviewer was probably trying to reassure himself he is everything that women want in a guy.


Personally, I wouldn’t consider myself big compared to most bodybuilders, but I’ve had girls tell me I was huge. As if that was a huge turn off.


Are Women Attracted To Body Builders Bodies?



What do you guys think of the video? Is it really true that women think pro-bodybuilders are unattractive? Leave a comment below.

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