7 Day Extreme Diet Plan (Day 5)

I was so close to at least having a bowl of cereal but I’m after getting this far already, so might as well continue for another 2 more days. Took the day off from the gym today but done a couple of push ups at home is all but still sticking to the diet. Look forward to hitting the gym again tomorrow for another intense session. On the last day of the challenge (day 7)  i’ll be making a before and after video so check back soon.

Photos from day 5



Here are the photos I took from day 1 (Justin 5 days ago). Any Difference?

Photos from day 1

day 1day 1 - side

All I’m eating is cauliflower and drinking 3-4 protein shakes a day.

7 day diet plan











I’ll be updating this progress on a daily bases so stay tuned for Day 6 and will make another video soon.

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