6 Killer V-Cut Abs Workout

Are you tired of wasting your time doing the same ineffective and boring sit-ups and crunches each week and seeing no results? Not to worry, I use to make the same mistake myself until I finally found what ab exercises produced the best results.

In this post, my aim is to help you get the most out of your ab workout and develop those perfectly defined V-cut abs that you can be proud of.

This “Killer V-cut abs workout” will give you that v-shape cut in the lower abdominal area.

You don’t need to be training your abs everyday to get good results. Right now, I only train abs once or twice a week, the same day I do my cardio.

Lower your body fat first

If you are currently over weight then it’s a good idea to concentrate on doing more cardio and eating healthy to lower your body fat. Otherwise you’d be wasting your time doing these exercises if your body fat is anywhere from 20-30%.
before and afterBefore I start any intense ab workout, I was make sure my body fat is below 15%, so that I am actually fit and strong enough to do weighed crunches, leg raises and weighted planks. After all, they require a certain level of fitness to pull off.

Best Cardio Exercise for Fat Loss

The best exercises for burning body fat from my experience are sprints and HIIT on a treadmill.

If you can include HIIT into your workout schedule, you will be on your way to getting a shredded six pack much sooner.

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So to get the most out of your ab workout routine, you want to make sure to get good at other exercises as well, because your going to need the strength and endurance to complete each of these exercises.

Each of these exercises is great for strengthening and building your abdominal and oblique muscles.

Like any new exercise, you might wake up with some pains but nothing to worry about, this happen to the best of us.

A lot of guys tend to put a lot of focus on just training the abs using boring exercises like sit-ups and crunches or using the ab machine or some other useless piece of equipment. Trust me, you will get far better gains doing free weights exercises (barbells and dumbbells) as well as body-weight exercises.

Target Muscle Groups: Abs, Obliques & Core

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Let’s get to it!

Ab Workout : Breakdown

Before starting any workout, it’s important that you get a good five minute warm up. Anything from jumping jacks, running on the spot or 5 minutes on the bike will do.

  • Complete 3 sets of each ab exercise before moving onto the next one.
  • To get the most of each ab exercise, take minimum rest (30-60 seconds).
  • Focus on slow movements and contraction.
  • If you find some of these exercises difficult to perform, you can also do fewer reps/sets and do a simpler variation to make it easier for you.

To clarify this ab workout, here is what my own ab routine looks like. If you not sure how to perform each exercise, just click on the links to watch the video instructions.

If  you have never done any of these exercises before or think they are too advanced for you, then do the exercises for a few weeks without using any weight. As you get better, you can add weight to increase the intensity of the workout.

6 Killer V-Cut Ab Workout

Complete 3 sets of each and rest 30-60 seconds

  1. Hanging Leg-raises 8-10 reps (3 Sets)
  2. Cable Crunches – 20-30 reps (3 Sets)
  3. Weighed Crunches 8-10 reps (3 Sets)
  4. Russian Twists 10-20 reps (3 Sets)
  5. Weight Plate Side Crunches 10-12 reps (3 Sets)
  6. Weighted Planks  (hold for 60 seconds) (3 Sets)

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killer v-cut abs workout

In just a few short weeks of doing this killer V-cut abs workout, you will experience far better results than any regular ab workout program you may have been following before.

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