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A Simple Proven Way to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast

get rid of body fat

Lately, I have been receiving all kinds of questions from guys struggling to lose weight or get rid of those dreaded man boobs.

Well in this article, I am going o share with you a little known “Proven way to get rid of body fat fast“.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to look their best and feel fit and healthy.

The biggest problem in today’s’ society is not the weight they have put on—it is the many ineffective and commercialized techniques that include supplements, fat loss pills and other unorthodox weight loss methods that never really seem to deliver the results they promise.

Trust me when I say these methods never work because I was there once and tried them all.

Over the years I struggled to lose as little as one pound of body fat, so I know exactly how annoying and frustrating it can be.

I worked out intensely for years, hoping to build muscle mass and get super shredded but all of those fat loss gimicks failed to get me the results I really wanted.

weight loss gimmicks

I wasted so much money on all kinds of weight loss supplements and diet pills. I’ve even tried those “Slender-tone Ab Belts”, which didn’t work either.

I just wanted to lose that extra bit of weight and get ripped abs just like the guys embracing the cover of muscle and fitness magazine.

muscle and-fitness magazine

The Biggest Mistake I Made

When I relied on traditional workouts to burn fat, I used to do 2 to 3 high intensity cardio workouts per week and lifted weights almost every day. These exercises used to drain me so much that I concluded there has to be a better and more sustainable way to achieve my fitness goals.

I used to indulge in all kinds of processed food because eating healthy food did not appeal to me at the time.

eliminate processed food

My mindset was: “As long as I worked my ass off at the gym, eventually I will reach my ideal body, naturally.”

Boy, was I wrong!

I did a lot of research on exercising, health, and nutrition just as I was on the verge of giving up and came across something that completely changed my life and gave me the exact guide I need to get the body I always wanted.

In fact, this is what helped transform my physique and made me feel  a whole lot better than I did before.

If you follow me on Facebook and have been reading the rest of my blog posts, I am sure you have noticed the progress Io have made over the past couple of years.

The greatest advice I can give anyone seeking to replicate my success is:

It’s all about what you eat. Your choice of food greatly impacts your mood, skin, and overall health.

Excellent Fat Burning Foods

excellent fat burning foods

To be brutally honest, the first rule you must abide by if you are seeking to lose weight, get the body you want, and feel great about yourself is to cut out bad carbs and sugar from your diet.

You might be thinking, “There is no chance in hell I would be able to do that“.

When I first heard of this rule, I was skeptical as to how it is possible to lose weight by cutting out wheat and sugar products from your diet in order to lose weight quickly.

But then, I heard some amazing stories of how people had achieved their weight loss objectives by doing this, I was open to experimenting with it for a few weeks.

After all, I thought, “I got nothing to lose by trying” and if it doesn’t help me burn off those extra few pounds I can return to my old eating habits again.

This turned out to be a turning point in my life.

The dietary change wasn’t easy at first. The first few days were the most difficult because I had a serious craving for sugar, sweets, cereals, and bread.

Considering that these are the foods I have eaten my entire life, giving them up, even for a week, was an uphill battle.

I did manage to completely eliminate processed foods and sugars from my diet and within two weeks I began to experience a total body transformation.

before and after

I went from weighing 189 lbs down to 171 lbs. So I lost 18 lbs in total. Since I started eating clean, I began to notice my muscles were beginning to look more defined.

All it takes is a dietary change!

Today, I feel great! I feel a lot healthier, fitter and stronger than I ever did before! People compliment me all the time and ask me for advice. Life has never been better!

I have competed in my first bodybuilding competition last year and it was one of the best feeling I’ve ever had.

I know I can do better, so I have set even bigger goals for myself this year and in the future.

If you are still searching for effective ways to get ripped, you need to start by making a few simple dietary changes.

After being blown away by the results I’ve achieved, I no longer needed to over train with crazy ab and cardio workouts as often as I used to.

So now I only need to workout 4 days a week, instead of everyday of the week, which is way too much for the average person.

I know people who go to the gym every day for several years and they are still out of shape. Why? Because, what they think they might be eating is healthy, actually isn’t! It’s either that or they have no intention of giving up their favorite junk food.

If you want to lose belly fat and get rid of those man boobs, then clean up your diet by cutting out bad inflammatory foods that cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

The worst foods you should eliminate from your diet include:

  • Bread (more specifically wheat)
  • Cereal
  • Pasta
  • All wheat products including whole grains

If you find it hard to eliminate them completely, then at least reduce the amount you eat in a week.

Discover which other bad foods you need to eliminate from your diet in this insightful article put together by Mike Guery.

Cutting out processed and sugary foods from your diet and instead eat more organic lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, oats, and brown rice is the first step to achieving your goals of being and feeling like a brand new person.

It is not going to be easy, especially if you have to give up the foods you eaten your entire life. You may relapse now and then, I did too, but you have to put up a brave fight.

What do you need to do?

Give this trick a try for just 30 days and I guarantee that at the end of the trial period, you will look and feel like a brand you person.

If you are serious about getting rid of unwanted body fat, I recommend you check out the Fat Loss Kitchen.

The Fat loss Kitchen is a simplified and proven program that contains all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to achieve the weight loss results you want.

Click here to read this informative article by Mike Guery 


Cycling for Fitness and Fat Loss

cycling for fitness and fatloss

Cycling is one of the most effective exercises to get fit and burn body fat once done consistently.

I go to the gym 4-5 days per week and always take the bike with me, instead of driving. This is a great way to keep fit and lean.

It usually takes me 10-12 minutes to arrive at the gym, that’s only a 5 kilometer bike ride away.

So by the time I arrive at the gym, I don’t have to worry about parking. I just park the bike outside the gym, then quickly tog out, then get stuck into my workout (all warmed as well!).

bent over barbell rows

I usually cycle at a moderate intensity. The last thing I want is to be out of breath in the gym without enough energy to complete a 90-minute workout.

The only day I don’t cycle to the gym is on leg day. I do a killer leg workout, so the last thing I want to do is step on a bicycle to punish myself even more. 🙂

Does cardio prevent muscle growth?

Many guys believe that cardio will prevent muscle growth. Not true at all. I have been doing cardio for many years now, both high and low intensity, and never had any trouble packing on lean muscle mass. Big guns don’t lie!

cycling on my bike

On my way to the gym on a hot summers day in Ireland (2015)

The great thing about cycling is that it can help make your muscles look more defined, rather than bulky, and that’s what you should be aiming for, right?

If you eat enough calories throughout the day and lift heavy weight at the gym, you will not lose muscle as long as you don’t go and do crazy amounts of cardio.

If you do, that will definitely deplete your muscle.

Cycling for fitness and fat loss

Any kind of over training is not good for you, but cycling is great for fat loss and will help you stay fit.

For me,  I don’t need to worry about losing muscle, because the distance between my house and the gym is just a 12-15 minute journey both ways.

I know big muscular guys who struggle to run or cycle a few miles. It’s because all they do is lift weights and eat. But, everyone has different goals, I just love my cardio as much as I love lifting weights. But I obviously spend more time pumping iron!

Just do whatever works for you and stick to it.

Indoor Cardio V Outdoor Cardio

Most people prefer to do cardio on a treadmill or elliptical or stationary bike and that’s fine, but since I spend the majority of my gym time lifting weights, I have no patience to ride a stationary bike for an entire hour while staring into a TV monitor.

There’s no fun in that! The same goes for running on a treadmill. I’m not knocking people who do it, I do it myself at least once in a while, but not as often as most people do.

I’d rather hop on my bike and breath the fresh air into my lungs and enjoying the scenery.

Personally, I enjoy the challenge of cycling up steep hills and speeding on an open road.

I know a guy who only uses his car to get to the gym every day.  He lives 3 kilometres away from the gym and yet he spends €30 a week on petrol and sometimes has a hard time finding a parking spot.

So when you add that up, he spends €80 euro a week and in a year that’s €960 and that doesn’t include the costs of tax and insurance.

I guess people get more comfort out of doing things the easier way, rather than doing things that require more effort (cycling).

People sometimes offer me a lift to the gym and that’s great, but unless it’s a wet and windy day, I much prefer to cycle.

In Ireland, the weather can get pretty miserable, so it makes sense to go by car instead of the bike, as the roads can be quite treacherous.

Bike Maintenance

Since I use my bike most days of the week, It needs to be repaired at least once or twice a month. It’s quite common to run into issues such as getting a flat tire or brake problems.

If I can’t fix the problem myself, I usually leave it with a bicycle mechanic.

There’s one right next to the gym I go to and he only charges €10 to repair a flat tire, which is okay.

But it’s always a good idea to keep a spare tube/tire if you know how to change a flat tire yourself.

Cycling Benefits


  • Cycling is a great exercise for building stamina and is great for building up your leg muscles.
  • It will help you burn a lot of calories, keep your body fat low and increase your metabolism even after you’re done. Definitely helps in getting ripped abs.
  • Cycling will also improve your immune system due to the increased in oxygen and blood circulation in your body.
  • Improved your mental health, due to both endorphin’s and dopamine levels released during and after cycling.
  • Cycling targets a variety of muscles with each pedal stroke, including lower back, obliques, glutes and hamstrings.

So what kind of bike do I use?

Flat-Bar Road Bicycle

Flat Bar Road Bicycles

This bike is very lightweight with narrow tires. I prefer this kind of road bike as I find it very easy to cycle compared to mountain bikes that have wider tires.  I’m also not a big fan of those drop-handlebars that most road bikes have though.

Depending on where you live, your gym might take you 20-30 minutes to get there, in that case you will definitely need to drive or use public transport.

But if you are only living a short distance from the gym, it’s much better to cycle for transportation instead of driving. Sitting in traffic can also cost you time and money.

Whatever you do, don’t waste money on cardio equipment. It’s much more beneficial to do your cardio outdoors.

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Also I have a question….

What your favorite cardio exercise for burning body fat and why?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

How To Fight Late Night Cravings To Prevent Weight Gain

fight late night cravings

In this blog post I am going to teach you a few ways to fight late night cravings and prevent weight gain. It has helped me and it will also help you if you follow what i’m about to teach you.

Most people like to snack no matter what time of the day it is. But the worst thing you can do if you are trying to lose weight is eat right before you go to bed.

I do it myself but not in a way you might be thinking. If you think of people who like to have a few beers at the weekend, usually end of ordering a take away that only adds more harm than good, if their trying to lose weight.

If you trying to lose weight, no amount of exercise is going to reward you if you continue feeding your body with unhealthy food on a regular basis.

I know how it feels myself, I’ve been there and all alcohol does is makes you want to eat after you leave the pub.

I used to find it hard to go to bed at night without taking one last visit to the kitchen and making myself a toasted salad sandwich, a cup of tea and usually a handful of cookies.

before and after

You might look at me and think, “ah sure you can eat whatever you like and you won’t gain weight”. That’s not true, just because I’m in good shape now doesn’t mean I find it hard to gain a few pounds.

If I stop eating healthy and working out, I’m obviously going to gain weight. I’m only human.

But you can easily break a bad habit and create some healthy habits everyday that will ultimately help you lose weight over a period of time.

For most people it is just as easy to put on weight than it is to lose it. Not too many people want to put their body under enormous amount of stress in order to burn off a couple calories. Unless your like me and enjoy working out.

Make sure you have enough healthy food on hand to prevent you from eating processed foods late at night. You can still eat at night but not the kinds of food you normally eat.

Eat Small Healthy Snacks

1. Eat 4-5 Small Meals Throughout The day

2. Drink Plenty of Water

3. Eat Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables

The last thing you want is to have a full stomach before you go to bed, otherwise the food will just sit there in your stomach and will eventually turn in fat.  That’s because you aren’t burning any calories while you sleep. Hope this makes sense to you.

Here’s what I do to prevent myself from binge eating late at night.

If I feel hungry late at night I might eat a bowl of porridge and a glass of water. If I’m still feeling hungry after that I eat some fruit, especially kiwis. I could eat a load of them, they taste so good. So, if you feel like binge eating only fruit, oats and drink waster.

reduce cravings

It definitely beats ordering a pizza late a night. You catch my drift?

Water is a great way to prevent hunger, but not so much that you getting up to take a piss every 20 minutes. I piss like a racehorse if I drink more than 5 glasses in one go.  I can’t help it.

Also if you eat enough healthy meals throughout the day you are less likely to want to eat more late at night.

That’s why it’s important to never skip breakfast.

Whether you are male or female, and you want to lose weight, then make sure to eat breakfast every morning. Most poeple who work a 9-5 job leave the house without having breakfast. They might pick up a coffee and a scone on their way to work but I wouldn’t call that a proper breakfast.

I use to do the same myself and it’s really just a habit you get yourself into. Those who eat breakfast in the morning feel more alert and have alot more energy throughout the day than those who skip breakfast.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare breakfast. Some oats, a banana, a yogurt and a cup of coffee or tea if you like.

Also if you eat 5-6 small meals a day it will help you burn more calories faster than if you ate 2-3 larger meals per day.

I know people who starve themselves hoping to lose a few pounds in time for their wedding day or a summer vacation. Starving is only mental torture in my opinion and eventually leads to overeating and as you know over eating causes for obesity.

Starving yourself is the wrong way to lose weight, the stress ain’t worth it!  You might lose 2-3 pounds in a week but eventually you will pile the weight back on again and before you know it your feeling really frustrated and sorry for yourself.

This is quite common with most people who want to lose weight fast.

There are more effective ways for losing weight and that’s by eating regular, “palm sized meals” each day.

If you eat 5-6 small healthy meals everyday you have a better chance of losing weight faster than you did when you tried starving yourself.

All you really need to do is go to your supermarket and pick out healthy food and either prepare all your meals first thing at night or in the morning before you go to work.

That way you know all your food is within reach so that you won’t want to snack on biscuits, cake or pizza.

One night I stayed over at my friends house and he offered to cook me a meal. I said “Yea, go for it!”. To my suprise It wasn’t what I expected. While I was sitting down watching the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”,  he handed me a full plate of chips, chicken nuggets and some pizza slices and a bottle of Fanta.

After eating so healthy for so long, was I really going to indulge in this junk? I didn’t want to upset him so i nibbled on the food instead.

Next day, I tore it up in the gym, hoping to I’d burn off the 1000 calories I consumed the night before.

It’s no wonder my mate is struggling to lose weight, If he’s eating that crap all the time why wouldn’t he?

You’d be surprised by how many of your friends are trying to lose weight, but as soon as you eat with them you realise their not bothered giving up their favorite grub, just to get in shape and feel healthy.

I suppose it all comes down to how bad you really want to get into shape and how much you are willing to make it happen.

If you are going to eat junk food often, then you may forget about getting in the best shape of your life.
I could go on and on writing but I always say the first step to losing weight and preventing late night snacking is to be willing to make a commitment to yourself that your going to lose weight and get in shape no matter what obstacles you face.

I’t pretty simple, eat regular small meals a day, drink plenty of water, exercise daily and you will be on your way to achieving the body you want for yourself.

prevent weight gainSome people will say, “It”s said than done”.  Let me just say, It becomes easier the more you do it.

You got yourself in the position where you are not happy with your body. Was that not a lot of work? Sure it was. And it has caused you to feel bad about your appearance. Think about how you will feel when you drop a few pounds and actually look and feel better in your clothes.

There are so many physical and health benefits to exercise that most people aren’t aware of.

Here are just a few benefits you will notice after you lose weight

  • You will look more youthful
  • Have more energy
  • Feel more confident in yourself
  • You will sleep better
  • Feel Fitter

These are just a few benefits. So if you really care about your body then do yourself a favor and follow the advice above so not only will you put an end to binge eating late and night but you will have a clear strategy to help you achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

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4 Sprint-Intervals For Fat Loss-and-Muscle-Gain

15 Minute Sprint Intervals For Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Sprint-Intervals For Fat Loss and Muscle GainPeople often ask me, “what’s the best cardio exercise for burning body fat quickly”?

Well, from my personal experience, sprinting is high on the list.

A lot of guys still make the mistake of doing low impact cardio for more than 30 minutes and expect to lose weight quickly.

I’m talking about aerobic exercises such as Jogging, Running  or Cycling.

These are all good exercises but aren’t as effective for burning body fat as anaerobic exercises do, such as sprinting.

Sprint Intervals for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

My favorite cardio exercises are outdoor sprints, hill sprints and HIIT on a treadmill.

Sometimes I do body weight HIIT workouts like Pushups, Burpees, Box Jumps, Mountain climbers, high knees and bicycle crunches.

These are all great exercises for burning body fat in less time and get you in the best shape of your life as long as you stay consistent and train with enough intensity.

Any high-intensity exercise, where you are pushing your body to its limit with fewer rest periods will leave you gasping for air.

But sprinting is without a doubt an amazing way to blast body fat quickly and all you got to do is sprint at your fastest speed for a short amount of time and repeat 8-10 times in total.

It definitely beats long distance walking or running on a treadmill for an hour.

I still enjoy long distance running now and again. I did a few triathlons  in the past that I enjoyed.

But when it comes to fat loss and getting ripped ABS, there is nothing quite as effective as sprint training.

Not everyone can sprint at a high intensity, it requires some level of fitness to do it.

Just like any other exercise it takes practice.

But if you’re like me and you just want to burn fat and build muscle and a six pack, then I recommend sprint training.

I like to do sprints one day a week and weight lifting on other days.

Benefits of Sprinting

  1. Total Body Workout – Improves overall body strength.
  2. Improves insulin sensitivity so that you can eat more cabs and still lose body fat.
  3. Decreases Body Fat by 10% -20%, while maintaining lean muscle mass.
  4. Boosts your metabolism so that you burn  a lot of  calories in a short amount time, especially long after you’re finished.
  5. You develop a six pack without doing any crunches, sit ups or other ab exercises.
  6. Builds muscle the same way weight lifting exercises do as well as building incredibly strong legs
  7. Improves heart capacity
  8. Uses several muscles at the same time, making it a complete muscle building workout.

Most people wouldn’t even consider doing HIIT or sprint training and would rather stick to basic aerobic exercises that doesn’t require a lot of physical effort and energy.

That’s fine too, but it does depend on what your fitness goals are.

So HIIT is not for everyone.

Kiss Chasing and Sprinting

Give sprinting a try if you have never done it before. Sprinting is for anybody who wants to lose weight fast.

You don’t have to go crazy in the beginning. Take your time and allow your body to get used to this workout.

Yes, it’s hard in the beginning, but remember when you were a kid you use to love running. I know I did.

It was even more fun when we played kiss chasing when we were kids.

Some of the girls were good looking, and if we were able to catch them, they’d have to kiss us.

And some of those girls were super fast, and it was worth being out of breath just to get a kiss back then.

Gradually Improve with Each Sprint

Just because you’re a bit older now, it doesn’t mean you can’t still run fast.

You can gradually work your way up from doing two sprints to doing 8-10 as long as you commit yourself to it.

I have no problem doing 2-3 50 yard sprints at full speed, but after that it gets tougher with each sprint.

I do my sprints on a football field or sprint track once a week that only takes me 15 minutes max.

Once you get good at sprinting, it will only be a matter of time before you get visible results.

From my experience sprinting burns more calories than some guy running on a treadmill for his dear life, struggling to lose pounds of body fat.

This is one of the reasons why I never count my calories when I eat.

Not saying I can eat whatever food I want, but I’m confident that when I do high intense cardio like sprinting, I don’t need to worry about gaining weight.

I still still have cheat days, but I never spend money on it but, if someone hands me a 12 inch pizza, I’ll eat it.

Sprinters Body Versus Marathon Runners Body

Sprint training is the ultimate fat burning and muscle building exercise and you can see why this is true when you look at the physical difference between a sprinter and long distance runner.

sprinters bodyAlthough, long distance runners have very little body fat, particularly in their legs.

But if you look at sprinters, for example, they are a lot more muscular and ripped.

Not just in their lower bodies, but in their upper bodies too.

This is why I much prefer the sprinters body any day!

Improve Your Technique With Speed Training Drills

To prevent any injuries from happening, make sure to warm up and stretch properly.

Sprinting can be very hard on the joints, so it’s important to give the hamstrings a good stretch.

Here’s a very short video on how to stretch before sprinting.

Once you know how to stretch properly, you need to do some speed training drills.

Every sprinter needs to do sprint training drills, depending on their goals and the event they will be competing in.

But as a beginner, there are a few basic training drills you should do. You don’t need to do all of them just pick 3.

  • High Knee Raises
  • Glute Kicks
  • Side To Side Squatting
  • Straight Leg Kicks

Once you improve your technique, I recommend doing sprints once a week and as you get better at it you can increase it to 2-3 days a week.

Wear The Right Footwear

You don’t need to spend much money on clothes and footwear. But make sure to wear good footwear that will make a huge difference in your running speed. You can buy shoes designed for sprinters that are lightweight with sprint spikes on the soles of them.

I made a video on sprinting that you can check out below. You don’t have to copy what I do, but if you think you are capable enough then go for it.

I still need to improve my sprinting technique and I’m working on it.

But it doesn’t stop me from getting out there and running as fast as I can in a short amount of time.

You might even be as good as I am at sprinting. But definitely give it a shot and let me know if it has helped you or not in the comments below. I really think sprint intervals are great for fat loss and muscle gain.

Okay, here’s the video below. Check it out.

I hope this article helped you.


I Never Count Calories, Yet Can Still Stay In Shape All Year Round

Eating CookiesPeople ask me, “what my normal day’s food plan looks like”?.

Well, let’s just say I try to eat healthy the majority of the time.

I don’t see anything wrong with eating the odd cookie, ice-cream or bar of chocolate after working your butt off in the gym all week.

It beats eating pizza, burgers, and takeaways, any day!

I could eat a load of bars and biscuits in one day without worrying how many calories I ate and still stay in great shape.

But there is a price I have to pay for every bar or biscuit, I eat…

The obvious answer is; I have to train a little harder to burn extra calories in one session.

Most people don’t do that. They eat whatever they want and instead of exercising, they decide to go on a diet for a few days or a few weeks.

Going on a diet can help you lose weight, but what happens when you come off the diet? You start eating more crap. Then your back to square one again.


Follow These Basic Steps To Lose Weight

  1. Having the will power and determination to eat healthy the majority of your time
  2. Exercise Regularly
  3. Cut out processed Foods and Simple Carbs that’s causing weight gain and preventing weight loss.
  4. Stop Counting Calories

I never count my calories; I never had to. Counting calories is too much effort. I don’t have time for it.

All I know is I have time to eat clean, lift weights and do high intense cardio once or twice a week.

Once I got that out of the way, I can eat whatever I want.

I try to use common sense to eat clean carbs as often as possible. But if I had to guess my calorie intake it would probably be between 2,500-3000 per day. That’s just a wild guess though.

I don’t keep track of the number of calories I consume each day, unless I plan on competing in a bodybuilding competition; and then I’d have to be more careful what to eat.  I do enough training each week and eat enough healthy carbs and protein, so I’m constantly burning off calories, even when I sleep at night.

shredded bodyRight now, my body fat is around 12% but would be great to get down to around 7% body fat. I’ve been there before, and I can do it again.

All it takes is high intense cardio, eating clean (at least 95% of the time) and lifting weights four days a week with once or twice a week, with one day off.

When you set yourself a goal like this, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it, no excuses!

Yes, it takes dedication and commitment. Unless you’re serious about getting your body in shape, it’s never going to happen. So don’t procrastinate, and you’ll do fine.

For me, it’s much easier to maintain lean muscle and keep the weight off as long as I workout 4-5 days a week and eat healthy.

I’ve already gained about a pound of muscle from just one week of working out, which is great.

When you get results like this in a short amount of time, it’s easier to stay motivated and work harder to achieve better results.

cutting-out-bad-carbsLose Weight By Cutting Out all Simple Carbs

I try to keep clear of eating simple sugars and processed food during the week.

I never count my calorie intake; I just control portion sizes and eat small meals 4-5 times a day instead of eating 2-3 large meals.

I find by eating frequent “SMALL MEALS” throughout the day I feel less hungry and reduces my hunger and desire to eat junk food.

I never count my calories but eat clean 95% of the time

I don’t keep track of calorie consumption but limit the amount of sugar in my diet. I love a sweet cup of tea or coffee but avoid putting sugar in it.

Instead, I use sweeteners because each tablet has just one calorie compared to a spoon full of sugar, which is about 16 calories.

For most people, its hard to stay away from simple carbs like, potatoes, white flour, cereals, donuts,cakes, muffins, ice-cream and even cookies.

For most people, its really hard to stay away from simple carbs like, potatoes, white flour, cereals, donuts, cakes, muffins, ice-cream and even cookies.

If you have been so use to eating these kind of foods most of your life it’s harder to stay away from them completely.

But can limit the amount of bad carbs you eat, once if possible.

By making it a habit to eat clean carbs, it should be easier to burn body fat, but you have to be consistent with it.

excellent fat burning foods

It took me a while to cut out bad carbs from my diet but the more you train yourself to eat carbs that are good for you the easier it gets.

I always try to eat a protein source with veg, brown rice or whole grain bread with every meal.

So the best advice I want to leave with you is to cut out fatty simple carbs and replace the with clean carbs and try to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day instead of 2-3 larger meals. This is the best way to lose weight in my opinion.

If you think it’s too much effort to cook 4-5 meals a day, there’s a much easier way….

Prepare Your Meals The Night Before Or First Thing In The Morning

food-in-fridgeGet all your carbs and veg cooked the night before and store it in the fridge in containers.

All that’s left then is the meat, which is easy to cook and you don’t have to worry about cooking carbs and veg because you already have it prepared.

You might not like the idea of cooking all your meals in one go and you might be the type of person who loves to be more creative with their food and be into the whole recipe thing.

I’m the complete opposite. I’m happy enough to throw on a load of  boiled eggs and leave them in a container in the fridge for 2-3 days and do the same with my chicken fillets, rice and veg.

Preparing your meals for the day ahead is a great way to save time and money. Knowing that you already have your meals cooked and prepared will prevent you from eating out or ordering a takeaway.

It saves me a lot of time, and it will save you time as well if you give it a try.


So I hope you learned something here and if you want to lose weight, burn fat or even get  six pack, stop counting our calories and start eating right and workout regularly.

Stay away from processed foods, drink plenty of water and eat 4-5 small meals throughout the day instead of 2-3 large meals. If you keep this up you will get great results.

I have gone through trial and error and hadn’t a clue what foods to eat to lose weight.

Most people know what foods are good for you and what foods are bad for you, but they still crave the bad foods because they are addicted to sugar.


anabolic cooking200 Best Fat Loss Recipes

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1 What Exercises Burn the Most Fat In Less Time?

Exercises that burn the most fat

There are a lot great fat burning exercises that you can do. If you have a gym membership you can do your cardio workouts there.

If you don’t you can always go outside for a couple of sprints if the weather is good.

Sprints are great for burning an enormous amount of body fat compared to regular steady state cardio such as walking or jogging.

Not saying there is anything wrong with regular cardio but it’s a much longer process to burning off calories.

But if your already fit enough and want to shed off a couple of pounds then your better off high intensity strength training workouts.

So how do you know your workouts are intense?

If your not sweating by the time you finish your workout then your workout is not intense enough and you won’t burn enough calories.

That’s the problem here. To get the best results at the gym you must push your body to it’s limit and train at an intense level.

Lets say you want to reduce your body fat by 20% it’s definitely gonna take a lot of cardio activity to burn fat.

So you want to incorporte weight lifting into your workout regimen.

What Exercises Burn the Most Fat?

The answer is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is choose a series of full body exercises and after you do a few reps of each of these exercises:

  • Deadlift to overhead press
  • Regular Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Burpees

The whole point is to make sure that your rest periods are cut short between each exercise, typically between 10-15 seconds.

I do a lot of weight lifting exercises (all free weight, avoid machines) and take short rest time so that my heart rate is high and I feel out of breath.

These exercises are a great way to build muscle fast, so try to add them to your weight lifting program for best results.

Also I always try to lift heavier weight even it it means to do 4-5 reps.

My suggestion would be, if your going to be spending time doing cardio you will want to spend more of your time doing high intensity interval training on a bike or treadmill.

If your on a Treadmill…

All you have to do is sprint for 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and repeat back and forth for 8-10 repetitions.

I’ve gotten excellent results from sprinting on a treadmill and continue to make it part of my workout routine, twice a week at the very least.

It really doesn’t take long to do interval training sessions. 15-20 minutes minimum.

If your on a bike…

Pedal for 20-30 seconds as fast as you can, rest for 20 seconds and repeat back and forth for 10-15 repetitions.

I always find doing HIIT on a treadmill much more difficult which is why I do less.

By the time you are finished doing your intervals you should be sweating like crazy.

sweating in gym

That’s how you know you put in a good cardio session and you’ll be burning calories up to 24 hours compared to regular steady state cardio, not only burns calories the moment you finish exercising. Cardio training has been really bashed in the fitness industry today.

I found a great program that has revamped my HIIT cardio routine called Visual Impact Cardio.

It’s a phenomenal program and if your interested visit the link below and you can go over to the page where you can learn all about it.

Some people have no clue as they talk about short intense workouts such as cross-fit.

Those style of workouts don’t really get the job done because there is only so many calories you can burn in 20 or 30 minutes.

And the after-burn effect isn’t actually what most people think it is. At best you will burn 15% of extra calories.

So do a circuit to interval workout that takes 30 minutes at best your going to burn an extra 60 calories.

So the after-burn effect really amounts to nothing.

So Rusty Moore product is all about burning a maximum amount of calories to go along with the diet of course to get you lean but it’s also the changes throughout the week.

Definitely go and check the program out! Click Here to watch the free video

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please don’t forget to like us on Facbook and leave your comments below. Thanks.

I've been gaining weight

I’ve Been Gaining Weight Lately, Could You Please Help?

I've been gaining weight

I received an email from a guy who is currently having issues with his weight (See Below):

[su_quote]Hi, I seen your page on Facebook, I’m 18 and a student, I’ve been gaining weight lately, just wondering if you could help? Thank you Leon[/su_quote]

Hi Leon,

I’ll do my best to answer this question and give you the advice to help you get over this weight loss hurdle that is currently bothering you. But it really depends on weather you’re already exercising and eating healthy meals.

You may need to make a couple of lifestyles changes if you want to reach your ideal body weight. This is as simple as cutting junk food out of your diet completely. I find have found that no matter how intense my gym sessions are, if I eat junk food regularly, I won’t burn enough calories.

So my best bet is to be well aware of what you put into your mouth. It literally took me years, through trial and error to know what foods were healthy that would help with weight loss. But eating healthy is not enough. You should do some form of exercise, whether it’s playing football, walking, swimming or jogging regularly. Because you are only 18, chances are you live with your parents so It can be difficult to eat healthy if you eat what is giving to you everyday.

You don’t need to skip meals to lose weight, all you should do is eat healthy snacks through the day and incorporate 3-4 days exercise.

[su_quote]It all comes down to a simple equation The weight will fly off if you burn more calories than you eat![/su_quote]

I know guys who who complain about their weight and go on really strict diets and after weeks still remain the same weight as before.

It’s Not Rocket Science

If you are eating fried food, sugary food,fizzy drinks, alcohol,white bread, pizza included you will put on weight. You really should be counting your calories and at the very least cut down or remove this food from your diet completely. So avoid eating this kind of junk no matter how yummy it looks and tastes.

It’s really just a habit that you are use to. It can be hard to resist your favorite junk food and give it up completely.

That would be impossible. Most of us love eating out and ordering Chinese takeaways and Pizza.

Just make a commitment to eat your favorite junk food once a week. You’re allowed cheat days, as long as it’s only once a week.

Here is a prime example of the food I use to eat that made me put on weight. And that’s not all!

example of unhealthy food

As I mentioned it took me some time to learn what foods was causing me to gain weight. As soon as I learned to eat healthy and exercise regularly the weight flew off me.

I cut out fried food altogether, so instead of adding fat (Oil) I oven bake and grill my food.

Here is an example of what I eat now:

healthy diet plan to build muscle and get lean


Pretty healthy huh?

There is literally tons of information on internet to do with weigh loss but don’t be overwhelmed by it. All you need are the basics on this post is a great start to help you with your weight loss goals.

More Tips that will help you lose weight

  • Drink plenty of water – 6-8 Glasses a day
  • Get a weight lifting program
  • Do some kind of Cardio 3-4 days a week (Either Walking, Running, Jogging, Cycling)
  • Eat 5-6 small healthy meals throughout the day

…And if you are already pretty fit you can try this one exercise that will literally burn off a lot of body fat in a short amount of time. It’s a tough workout but very effective. It’s called “High Intensity Interval Training”.  Visit the link here Interval Training on a treadmill for beginners

I hope it has helped you and would love to hear your comments below. I will do my best to answer them all.

Your Pal,


Best Exercise To Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle

best exercise to burn fat and maintain muscle

Speaking from personal experience, the absolute best exercise to burn fat and maintain muscle is sprinting.

Jogging continuously for long distances often wears down muscle mass attained through strength training at the gym and does less to enhance the physique whereas concentrated sprinting helps to eliminate body fat more effectively while maintaining healthy muscle growth.

My exercise regime used to be limited strictly to weight lifting and strength training complemented by a protein and carbohydrate rich diet.

I continued on this path for around two years without any regular cardiovascular exercise mixed in to the routine. As a result, I began to look big and muscular which was not what I wanted to achieve.

I began to combine jogging with weight lifting and as a result I lost a lot of body fat and muscle mass.

I wasn’t satisfied with how thin I looked, although I did look lean but I wanted wanted a bit more size and muscle mass without looking bulky. The running and jogging wasn’t helping me to achieve this so I later learned that sprinting was the way to go.

As a result of running - 2010

As a result of running – 2010

I gave up running and now substitute it for “sprinting” instead.

If you look at the physiques of sprinters and runners, sprinters are more muscular, healthier and actually look better than runners do.

And the great thing about sprinters is they get the best of both worlds, they carry very little body fat and look lean and muscular at the same time.

Isn’t that what a lot of guys who are into bodybuilding wish to achieve?

After an intensive weight training session I try to get out and sprint for at least  twenty minutes twice a week.

Sprint to build muscle

As a result of sprint and weight training – 2012

I warm up for five minutes and then sprint at full speed for about eight seconds.
I do eight to ten repetitions and rest for 10-15 seconds after each sprint.

It’s a tough exercise at first but there is no doubt that it is a killer exercise, will help you burn huge amounts of calories, kill stress and keep your metabolism flying for days.
So I have quit running altogether and have replaced it with sprinting.

I use to run 3 days per week on the days I wasn’t weight lifting at the gym now I only have to “1-2 days for as little as 20 minutes each time without losing any of the hard-earned muscles I got from the gym.

If your interested in learning more about how to burn fat whilst maintaining muscle, then I suggest you visit International and Fat Burning Expert, Tom Venuto’s ” – Burn The Fat Official Website

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