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Tips to prepare for a successful Natural Bodybuilding Contest

Every year, bodybuilders keep raising the bar at bodybuilding contests. Therefore if you are looking to stand on that stage someday and shine, you need to follow a proven and effective natural bodybuilding formula. This will ensure you are completely ready with full muscles and a great physique. Achieving an impressive physique naturally is not […]

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What Body Shape Am I – Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

Wondering what body shape you are and what exercise should you be doing for your body type? Every man and woman come in different physiques. This classification is common with those interested in body building or overall physical fitness in a gym. That is why scientists categorize the body frames in three types; Mesomorph, Endomorph, and […]

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alcohol and bodybuilding

Why Alcohol and Bodybuilding Simply Do Not Mix

Summer time is here again, everybody is out having fun, which means more barbeques, vacations, pub crawls, outdoor parties, you name it! And while all that’s going on, alcohol is a key ingredient for most people. A common question that people ask me is, “Can you get drink alcohol while getting building muscle, getting lean […]

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Why Music Motivates Us To Workout

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get through your workout, blasting your favorite tunes on your iPod or smartphone can put you right in the zone. In today’s blog post, I’m going to cover “why music motivates us to workout”and how it distracts the mind during exercise and makes us less aware of exertion […]

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40 Ways To Stick With Your Workout Goals in 2016

40 Ways To Stick With Your Workout Goals in 2016 It’s a brand new year and you’re looking to get back in shape after eating rich, unhealthy foods that are synonymous with the holiday season. Don’t beat yourself up! There’s nothing wrong with spending time with your family and friends and indulging in your favorite food. […]

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