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weighted ab exercises

7 Weighted Ab Exercises To Carve Out A Shredded V Shape

If you want perfectly defined abs then In my opinion weighted ab exercises will carve up your abs much faster than unweighted ab exercises.

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to get that sex shredded six pack that you can show off to all your jealous friends. 🙂

If you want defined upper and lower ab development, then you need to be doing weighted ab exercises.

If you want proper ab development, you need to add resistance (weight) to your ab exercises. Most people still make this mistake. If you want your biceps to grow, would you do 50 reps with no weight? The obvious answer, you would do barbell bicep curls or dumbbell curls.

Personally, I still do body weight exercises when training abs but not as often as weighted ab exercises. Although, it’s good to mix it up a bit.

But there’s really no point in doing unweighted ab exercises or weighted if your body fat is over 25%. It would probably be a complete waste of time doing then when you main focus should be getting yourself down to a healthy body fat percentage (15%-18% for men and 20%-23% for women).

Going back to what I mentioned already, your abs are just like other muscles, if you want them to grow you need to apply resistance in order to strengthen and increase the size of your abdominal muscles. You would do this with every other muscle group your train, so why shouldn’t abs be any different?

Here are some of my favorite weighted ab exercises that I do at home or in the gym:

If your body fat is lower and regular crunches or sit ups have failed you many times over, then give these effective ab exercises a try.

1. Weighted Crunch

weighted crunch

Grab a weight plate and hold it in front of your face or hold it close to your upper chest beneath your chin and perform regular crunches.

Note: By doing this you are allowing your abs to work against the force the weight plate has created. Use a weight plate that are able to handle for more than 8-10 reps.

2. Weighted Plank

If you have never done these before it’s probably a good idea to get somebody to help you out by placing the weight on your upper back and removing afterwards, otherwise it i can be a little tricky placing the weight there by your self. I’ve been doing this exercise a few years now so it’s easy for me to manage by myself.

I suggest using a light weight (5 kg starting off) and get your body into a plank position, forearms on mat, elbows under shoulders and legs together.

Raise body upward whilst keeping your body in a straight line. Hold position for 30-60 seconds.

3. Cable Rope Crunches

Grab the tricep rope with both hands and kneel below a high pulley. Bend downwards, allowing the resistance on cable pulley to lift your torso upward. It’s like doing a crunch, except your on your knees doing it and the contraction is the same. Repeat this movement for 15-20 repetitions.

4. Russian Twists

weight russian twists with weight plate

The Russian twist is total core workout and one of my personal favorites.

Start off by sitting on the floor, your legs should bend at the knees.

Next grab a weight plate  (2-5 kgs). Extend your arms out in front of you with your hands on holding both sides of the weight. Then twist your arms to the right until your arms a parallel to the floor.

Continue lowering weight to the opposite side. Repeat for 15-20 reps.

5. 45 Degree Obliques Extension (weighted)

weighted oblique extension

Lie sideways onto a hyperextension machine with one foot laying over the other. Place the tip of your fingers at the side of your head and hold a weighted plate or dumbbell with your bottom hand.

Slowly lower your torso towards the ground. When you feel a stretch in your side tighten your oblique and return to the starting position.

6.Medicine Ball V- Ups

medicine ball v ups


Grab a medicine ball and lie flat on your back. Whilst holding the medicine ball raise your arms over your head. Keep your arms and legs straight throughout the motion. Next raise both legs and torso and repeat for 10-12 reps.


7 Stability Ball Crunches

weighted swiss ball crunch

In this exercises you will be using both a stability ball and a medicine ball so you will be performing abdominal crunches. This will be very effective when strengthening your entire core area (abs and lower back).

Grab a 4-5kg medicine ball, depending on your fitness level. Next sit on the stability ball and walk your feet forward so that your lower back is connected to the stability ball.

Next extend your arms straight up above your head and use your entire core region to raise up and lower back down again. Try to keep your arms nice and straight and allow your abs to do the work for you.  You could even do this using a weight plate or dumbbell if you want.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what exercise you choose to do, it’s vital you add resistance (weight). This will help you gain more muscle tissue in your upper and lower abdominal region.

You only need to train your abs twice a week for maximum results.

Remember to treat your abs like any other muscle group you would train. So I would advise not to over-train them. Once or twice a week is plenty. You don’t have to do all of these exercises, pick 4-5 and complete each exercise for a total of 3 sets.

Do this for 6-8 weeks, combined with a good diet and intense cardio and you will get those sexy v shaped abs you always wanted.

Good luck!

the fat burning kitchen review

The Fat Burning Kitchen By Mike Geary Review

the fat burning kitchen reviewAbout a year ago, I read Mike Geary’s Fat Burning Kitchen and was very impressed by the information contained in this book.

His book had a positive influence on my diet, which lead to healthier eating habits and a ton of other amazing benefits which I will run through in this review.

Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Fat burning Kitchen is a great book for any guy who demands their food tastes amazing and is part of a good natural body bodybuilding diet.

If you’re like most people, your first thoughts probably consisted of calorie counting, lowering your food intake, substituting some foods with healthier alternatives, or completely cutting other foods out altogether.

Note: This is just a reviewClick Here To Visit The Fat Burning Kitchen Main Website

Even though those are all very reasonable things to relate to dieting, what if I told you that you’re still missing out on some very important information regarding the foods you actually think you should consume?

Many people would be shocked to discover that there are numerous foods being touted as healthy and suggested as important additions to their meals that actually do their bodies more harm than good.

Not only are these foods unhealthier than one might imagine, but they also contradict your weight loss goals by doing the opposite and leading to weight gain.

Mike Geary’s new eBook exposes many of these foods. It provides you with the true “principals of fat loss” along with numerous simple tips, tweaks, and hacks that can be made to your new and/or current diet.

This information alone will have you on the proper path to fat loss in no time.

A Bit About Mike

If you aren’t aware of who exactly Mike Geary is, let’s just start by saying this guy really knows his stuff.

He’s been in the industry for a little over 20 years. Not only is he a renowned certified personal trainer, nutrition adviser, and well known fitness author, but he’s even the creator of the extremely popular book “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”.

Subscribers of health magazines such as “Oxygen” and “Muscle & Fitness” have probably read many of his articles and tips as he’s one of their favorite contributing authors.

What’s Inside?

The purpose behind this popular eBook is to provide its readers with a proper step by step guide towards completely transforming their eating habits.

It educates people on the most dangerous foods in their current diets and gives advice on what to replace them with. These replacements usually consist of various foods with high fat burning potential along with a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Readers also obtain detailed information on how to properly evaluate numerous foods on a nutritional level. This helps to eliminate some of the confusion associated with eating healthy.

The Fat Burning Kitchen by Mike Geary goes even further and uses newly discovered scientific facts regarding many of the popular foods being eaten on a daily basis to educate users on the harm they cause.

Most of them are actually being consumed more by individuals who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

For example, I was shocked to discover the medical link made between Alzheimer’s, cancer, and various types of diabetes with the consumption of whole wheat. That’s just the tip of the ice berg.

fat burning kitchen book

This book is full of this type of “not so common” knowledge.

Also, within its pages you’ll discover countless actionable steps that you can use to not only get rid of fat permanently but also quickly.

You will be taught how to activate your body’s own personal fat eradicating hormones, increase your metabolism, and even repair your digestive system. All of things are conducive to living a longer, healthier life.

The 2 Phases of the Fat Burning Kitchen

In order to make things as simple as possible, the 123 pages of The Fat Burning Kitchen eBook is broken down into 2 separate phases.

The purpose of phase one is to educate you on what many of the harmful foods are and why you should be getting rid of them. Expect to be shocked a lot during this phase.

You’ll be amazed at how many things you thought were healthy that actually aren’t at all. Almost half my pantry went straight to the trash while reading this part.

The book is written in two phases. The first phase of the program will show you how and why you should get rid of certain types of food that are very often believed to be healthy (when in fact they are not only speeding up weight gain and making you fat dramatically, but also cause hazards to our health in the long run).

Phase 1 consists of 10 chapters that cover the different foods and drinks that are not only causing you dramatic weight gain but are creating real hazards to your health as well.

These chapters are as follows:

Phase 1: Chapters 1-10

1. “Foods Made with Refined Flour and Corn Products”

2. “Food & Drinks Containing High Fructose Corn Syrup”

3. “Margarines, Vegetable Oils, Trans Fats, Crisco”

4. “Artificial Sweeteners – Splenda, NutraSweet, Saccharin”

5. “Commercial Pasteurized Dairy”

6. “Commercially Raised Meats; Farm-Raised Fish”

7. “Soymilk, Tofu, TVP”

8. “Sports/Energy Drinks”

9. “Energy Bars”

10. “Processed Foods, Weight-loss Meals, Diet Snacks, and Diet Desserts”

Phase 2 of the books provides information of the correct food that you should be eating and replacing the foods in Phase 1 with.

These are all of the items that will provide your body with everything it needs to grow healthier and stronger while at the same time getting rid of as much fat as possible.

This is the time when my pantry became full again. I was very glad to discover that most of these healthy, clean foods were pretty affordable. Plus, learning why they were good to eat actually made me want to eat them even more.

The remaining chapters contained all of the essential foods and were as follows:

Phase 2: Chapters 11-23

11. “High Quality – Protein-Grass Fed Beef or Bison, Wild-Caught Fish, Free-Range Chicken, Whole (Free-Range) Eggs”

12. “Raw Dairy Milk and Cheese”

13. “Grass-Fed Dairy Butter, Coconut Oil, Lard

14. “Nuts-Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts”

15. “Avocados”

16. “Organic Berries”

17. “Organic Dark Green Leafy Vegetables”

18. “Healthy Sweeteners: Real Maple Syrup, Raw Honey, Stevia”

19. “Healthy Real Food Energy Bars”

20. “Dark Chocolate”

21. “Herb Teas”

22. “Items to Keep in Your Kitchen”

23. “The Transformation Has Begun”


Includes Bonus eBook


fat burning kitchen

Includes, The 23 Day Advanced Nutritional Fat-Burning Blueprint

The Good & The Bad


The Good:

– Simple to get through and digest. Unlike most fitness health books, this one is written in a very easy to understand manner.

You don’t need a college education to understand the information. Plus, it’s written in a step by step format that makes it even easier to get. One part builds on the previous.

– The author is Mike Geary. This eBook is written by someone who actually practices what they preach and are literally well known for doing so.

This information isn’t just based on the theories of someone who did a little bit of research, but rather by a person who lives according to the knowledge they teach.

– There are actual steps to help you control your hunger cravings. This is one the best inclusions in the book in my opinion.

It actually prepares you for your moments of weakness and gives you methods to fight off the urges.

– Your health as whole will see much improvement. Following the methods in this eBook will provided you with a variety of noticeable health improvements. Not just weight loss.

– Training exercises included. Nutrition isn’t the only thing covered in this book. Along with healthy eating tips, readers are provided with various fat burning exercises as well.

– Includes videos. Along with the text, you’ll have access to videos that further dive into nutrition.

– Immediate access. Since this is a downloadable product, you won’t have to wait to dive into it.

– Scientifically proven. There is no wondering if this will actually work. It’s already been tested and verified to.

– 60 Day Refund Guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the program and find it’s not for you, simply request a refund and get your money back.


The Bad:

– Only available digitally. This means you cannot buy it in any store.

– Might require a drastic change for some people. As mentioned previously, you’ll be shocked by the amounts of foods that we consume every day that aren’t healthy for us.

Some people will find that a huge portion of what they eat is on this list. The diet change for them will be a bit harder than for others who don’t eat as many of those same items.


My Honest Opinion on The Fat Burning Kitchen

Firstly, I should point out that my opinion on this product was a little biased at first.

You see, I personally had my own fair share of struggles with building muscle and losing weight myself at one point. So, I literally know what it’s like to be in the same situation as someone who’s actually looking for a nutrition program that actually’s helpful.

There was a time when I found myself going through fitness product after fitness product, diet after diet, only to face disappointment after disappointment.

Read: How I cut out bad carbs and sugar from my diet

No matter how hard I followed the training and nutrition tips offered by fitness guru’s I still didn’t see the results I was promised by them.

The only reason why I wanted to read this book is because I have read other books that are related, such as wheat belly by Dr. William Davis, The China Study by T Collin Campbell and Thomas M Campbell.

I also enjoy reading any books related to eating clean, really. Also check out Dave Rule’s Anabolic Cooking Program, I still cook a lot of his recipes because they are quick, tasty and high in protein.

When I read Mike’s Fat Burning Kitchen, I was suprised it wasn’t like any of the same fluff that you’d find in many of the other fitness fads on the market.

I read this book with doubt and skepticism but it turned out to be the complete opposite of everything else!

I can attest to the validity and accuracy of many of the facts provided in this eBook due to a ton of trial, error, research, and experimentation over the years. I kind of wish I had access to much of this information years ago.

What I found even more astonishing was that even with over 10 years of fitness and weight training experience under my belt, there was still information provided that was new to me!

With that being said, if you are willing to put in the work and follow the advice in Mike Geary’s Fat Burning Kitchen, I am almost 100% positive you’ll be happy with the results you get.

I think what’s even more amazing about this program is that it actually teaches you a completely new lifestyle as opposed to just a few routines or eating habits.

Final thought…DEFINITELY worth buying!

==>Click Here to Download Fat Burning Kitchen Now<==

reasons why your arms aren't growing

6 Reasons Why Your Arms Won’t Grow

You have been working out for a quite a while now.

You tried several biceps and triceps exercise variations, but for some reason your arms don’t seem to be getting any bigger.

I know, it can be very frustrating.

Well, I’m sure there are a few things you are doing wrong.

So I will address each of them below so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.


6 Reasons Why Your Arms Won’t Grow (or Stopped Growing)

Reason 1 – You’re Not Eating Enough

How can you expect bigger arms if the rest of your body isn’t big either? If you want big biceps and triceps then you will need to put a lot of work into getting big over-all.

This means you will need to “EAT BIG”.

So if you are a a skinny guy, and you want to gain muscle,  then you must gain weight first. To do that you will need to eat every 2-3 hours. By constantly supplying your body with the right nutrients will make it much easier for you to gain weight.

Reasons Why Your Arms Won't Grow

My Transformation throughout the years

Reason 2 – No Experience

If you haven’t been thought how to perform the exercises correctly, or you just copy other guys in the gym, it’s no wonder your having a hard time building muscle.  The same is true for the guys who do teach you, who are also inexperienced.

Then nobody really knows what they are doing, it’s just they let their ego get in the way. Every gym rat wants to sound like they know everything, but in reality they are wasting each others time.

Lets say, I wanted to know how to do an “Incline Inner Biceps Curl”, I would probably find the guy with the biggest arms in the gym and ask him. Much better to ask him than the guy next to me with the skinny arms who acts like he knows how to do every single arm exercise known to man.

Reason 3 – Bad Form

Don’t be one of those guys trying to show off by curling heavy weight that you can actually handle. You want to make sure you have good form so that you lift the weight through full range of motion.

For Example when doing Barbell Biceps Curls, I suggest practicing with a light weight of 2.5kgs – 5kgs for 8-10 repetitions.

Concentrate on bringing the weight all the way down until arms are fully extended.  Don’t go too fast or too slow just make sure you get a complete contraction.

Reason 4 – Neglect Compound Movements

If you avoid doing heavy compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, pullups, barbell rows your selling yourself short. These exercises (especially squats and deadlifts) are great for building strength and muscle mass as they work every major muscle in your body.

It has been proven over and over again that by doing 4-6 heavy repetitions of deadlifts and squats increase testosterone and human growth hormone and as a result increases the size of your arms.

So if you want big arms, make sure you do them as well.

Reason 5 – Too Much Cardio

Cardio is definitely an essential part for increasing your overall cardiovascular health and getting super lean.  But  a lot of guys get carried away and take it to the extreme.

If you do too much cardio, it will not only burn body fat but you will sabotage your muscle gains. Calories promotes muscle growth so why are you make it difficult if your body is fighting a continuous calorie deficit?

If your goal is to gain muscle (in this case “Build Big Arms) then limit cardio to just one day a week and spend 4-5 days weight training.  30 minutes of steady state cardio for beginners.

For me, I just stick to cardio one day a week for a total of 15 minutes doing high intensity intervals on a treadmill or outdoor hill sprints.

If you hit a plateau and notice muscle loss, then cut back on the cardio altogether and just stick to the weights for a few weeks.

Reason 6 – Training Not Intense Enough

There are several reasons why you arms aren’t growing and Intensity is one of them. You need to make sure you are training hard. If that means doing drop sets, super sets, giant sets, pyramid sets or taking less rest time, then do that.

If your arms are not sore the next day then your workout wasn’t intense enough. Muscle growth happens by breaking the micro fibers in the tissue. So your muscles need to be under intense contractions.

If you are a beginner, start off with a barbell and curl heavy weight for 4 sets of 4 repetitions. If you can do more than 5 reps then it’s too light for you. Add a bit more weight to the bar.

Here’s how Arnold does it

Remember, make sure your form is good before lifting heavy weight or you will injure yourself.

Check out these exercises for building huge biceps and triceps 

These are the most common reasons why your arms won’t grow, which hinder peoples progress. Try to avoid making these mistakes in your next workout and I’m sure you will make faster gains than you did previously. And remember you can do this naturally without harmful drugs and supplements .

4 foods that every serious bodybuilder should avoid

4 Foods That Every Serious Bodybuilder Should Avoid

4 foods that every serious bodybuilder should avoidIf you have failed to build a strong, muscular and ripped body, then I’d like to share with you 4 foods that every serious bodybuilder should avoid eating. If you make a decision to follow these tips, you will have have the perfect body  by summer.

If your goal is to build a lean muscular physique that will make you look like a greek god, then one of the things you need to do besides pumping iron is cut out all the junk from your diet.

For most guys, this is one of the hardest things to do.

If you are willing to make sacrifices to reach your goals, then the entire process will be achievable.

My experience giving up certain foods

A few years ago (before I ever decided to compete),  I didn’t care about the food I eat. I was conditioned to believe as long as I ate often and trained often,

I would build muscle. And that’s what happened. But I still wasn’t happy with the results. I was too bulky, had a belly and I just wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to look like the guys in the muscle mags -“Muscular with ripped abs”.

I proceeded to learn more about nutrition and came up with a diet plan that cut out all the “bad stuff”. After just a few weeks on my new healthy diet, I had never felt better and I could work out even harder than before!

Results in terms of my appearance soon followed and I have never looked back.

drug-free bodybuilding

If you want similar results, then below are foods you need to cut out of your diet.

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4 Foods Every Serious Bodybuilder Should Avoid Eating


We all love sugar but unfortunately, sugar does not love us! Sugar will give you an energy boost but that will only be temporary and there is no nutritional value.

The body turns sugar that cannot be processed into fat, which is not going to go in your favor when you are trying to get that defined look.

The main types of food laden with sugar that you need to avoid include candy, cakes, cookies and breakfast cereals. This was a particularly tough one to give up for me but trust me, it will be worth it.


It might taste good spread on bread but all butter is just pure saturated fat. As a fitness fiend, saturated fat is your number one enemy!

In addition to plain butter, snacks like buttered popcorn should be eliminated from your diet if you want the body you have always wanted. Find alternatives that taste just as good to you but don’t have any of the drawbacks.


Although wheat is promoted as a healthy food, the wheat that we buy nowadays is definitely not. It has been proven that the wheat available now has been linked to obesity problems.

Filling your body with bread and pasta might give you energy but it will also see you put on a lot of body fat, which as a bodybuilder – you should be trying to get rid of.

Some healthy alternatives that you can try to these naughty carbs include whole grains and boiled or baked potatoes.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This ingredient is found in some more products that you are not even aware of and you need to stop consuming it. These include fruit juice drinks, meat glazes, tomato ketchup, baked beans in cottage cheese.

High fructose corn syrup is basically sugar that your body finds almost impossible to process, therefore turning it into fat.
As a bodybuilder, lean protein like fish and chicken is awesome to eat but avoid fatty meats like steak, chops, hot dogs, bacon and sausages.

Although fatty meat also contains protein and will give you energy, it also holds tons of saturated fat. They are fine for a cheat meal now and again but if you eat them regularly, you will struggle to lose that annoying body fat.


I think you can see that to have the best chance of being in the best shape of your life, all you need to do now is eat right and follow an intense training routine for optimum results.

Once you cut out processed foods and start eating things that you know are good for you, you will notice a huge shift in your appearance as well as your health.

Sugar is the main cause of obesity so avoid the temptation and make healthy eating apart of your lifestyle.

Once you give up sugar for a certain amount of time, you will not even crave it anymore so it is 100% worth doing. It took me about three weeks to completely remove all sugary foods from my diet.

If you are still unsure where to start then I recommend you get a copy of Dave Ruel’s  Anabolic Cooking Program. His program thought me how to cook healthy and tasty meals without adding any of the above foods to your diet.

If you want to learn more about what the best bodybuilders are cooking up in the kitchen, check out Dave Ruels Anabolic Cooking right HERE.

impact whey protein

Impact Whey Protein Review

impact whey proteinImpact Whey protein from Myprotein is one of the most recognized high quality whey protein concentrate supplement across Europe and now taking the US protein supplement market by storm.

The company has become very popular over the years, selling all kinds of supplements and nutritional products. They don’t sell their products in stores, only available to purchase online at a very affordable price compared to other supplements on the market.

I’ve wasted a ton of cash over the years on expensive supplements that contain way too many ingredients that your body doesn’t need.

If your not careful with the kind of protein powder you purchase, you could end up experiencing all kinds of side effects such as stomach pains, inflammation or even poor digestion.

impact whey proteinUnlike many of the whey protein supplements I’ve tried in the past, this one doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or sugar in it, which suits me perfectly!

So, make sure you do a little detective research before purchasing a whey protein.

I’ve done my research and decided to give MyProtein products a try. Impact Whey is the first of their products I’ve used and I’m loving it so far (other than ON Gold Standard).

The supplement is most commonly used as post workout or along meal diets as a high protein supplement for muscle building.

It comes in three different variations, both of which offer different levels of bio-availability and absorption; Whey protein isolate, Hydrolysed whey protein and whey protein concentrate.

Impact Whey Protein by MyProtein is classified as a whey protein concentrate.

Impact whey protein concentrate is currently the best selling protein concentrate powder and most common worldwide. It is also the best selling among products offered by MyProtein.

This is simply because Impact whey Protein offers the best value for money to the last gram, with an average protein content levels of 82%, which is higher than the industry standards.

The rest of the product is made up of fat, lactose and other carbohydrates.


  • Made from premium whey that offers users an impressive 21 grams of protein per serving.
  • Provides all the essential amino acids, it also offers 3.6 grams of Glutamine and 4.5 grams of BCAAs per serving, and is formulated for easy mixing.
  • Includes a minimal 1 gram of carbohydrates and 1.9 grams of fat, making it quality assured whey protein concentrate with exceptional value for every buck.

Taste, Texture & Mixability

MyProtein understands that blunt protein concentrates, and any concentrate for that matter, can be quite unpalatable.

That is why their Impact whey protein concentrates now comes in a series of over 50 flavors, including the unflavored.

The most common flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, apple, banana and blueberry. The unflavored one tastes a bit like milk powder.

The texture depends largely on how much liquid you add to the protein powder, personally I like my protein shakes a little thick.

Even if you decide to mix it with water, you will still be able to get a nice, thick, creamy milkshake consistency.

Just make sure you give it a good shake otherwise, you will get annoying clumps in it.

Impact whey protein Benefits

Impact whey protein concentrate represents a high quality, convenient method of making sure your muscles get the right amount of protein all day long.

impact whey protein review

The high protein concentrate promote growth and help you maintain muscle mass. It offers you a chance to fill in the nutrients protein gaps that your diet plan might not be providing to enhance your overall physical and mental performance.

If you are heavily involved in sports, training or body building, Impact whey protein will provide the much needed additional energy during prolonged, intensive training sessions, which might not be readily and instantly available from conventional foods.

Additionally, this concentrate can be used together with specialty foods to help you recover quickly from the fatigue, stress and inflammations associated with prolonged high-intensity training and competition.

And the fact that it comes in over 50 flavors clearly means that there is something for everyone.


It is important however to understand that Impact whey protein concentrate is not a magic formula; which means you need to be realistic when using it.

For instance, don’t expect to grow huge chest and biceps after a few days of taking it.

To realize its effectiveness, you need to complement the whey protein concentrate with a strict workout regimen and a balanced, clean diet.

Who should use Impact whey protein?

Many sports nutritionists are now recommending Impact whey protein from Myprotein to their sports clients with the main aim of enhancing performance and maintaining general health and well-being.

However, you will be pleased to note that Impact whey protein is suitable for any physically active person looking to meet their daily protein intake.

Bottom line

If you search Impact whey protein review’ across the internet, you will notice a series of positive reviews from actual previous users attesting to the convenience and effectiveness of this product.

Additionally, it is voted the most affordable whey protein concentrate offering the highest value for money.

Feel free to experiment with various flavors. In future, I like the unfavoured one and use not just for making shakes but for protein pancakes as well.

Save yourself a little cash and head on over to and give Impact Protein a try – I promise, you won’t regret it.


chest and triceps workout for mass

Effective Chest and Triceps Workout For Building Mass In Under 60 Minutes

chest and triceps workout for massPeople think you have to spend a lot of time in the gym in order to reap great results. Not true at all, I’ve recently cut back on the amount of time I spend in the gym.

I’m just trying to keep my workouts short, effective and intense, anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

In this article, I’ll be sharing how you too can build an awesome chiseled upper body with this highly effective chest and triceps workout for building mass.

That means big, powerful  chest and triceps that will literally turn heads.

If you have been reading the rest of my posts your will find all my other exercises under the category “Workouts” on my blog.

Chest and Triceps Workout – The Same Day

Training a large muscle group (chest) and small muscle group (triceps) is best especially if you are following a workout split routine.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to build up or get a chiseled body, exercising both chest and triceps is a great choice to make. I’ve been following this routine for years and I never grow tired of it, because it simply works!

When I train, I usually do a compound exercise such as bench press, squat or deadlift followed by an isolation exercise such as skull-crushers or dips.

So here is the workout program in detail:

Chest and Tricep Workout: Exercises 1 – 4

The idea behind this chest and tricep workout is to blitz the muscles with compound exercises and then shred them with isolation exercises so that they are rebuilt even stronger. All done in less than 1 hour.

Exercise 1: Wide Grip Barbell Bench Press

wide grip bench pressHow to perform this exercise:

Lie flat on a bench. unhook the barbell from rack over upper chest, using a wide overhand grip.

Lower weight to mid-chest. Press bar upward until arms are extended. Repeat.
Sets and Reps: (take 2 minute rest between sets)

Set 1: 6 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum
Set 2: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
Set 3: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
Set 4: 6 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum

Exercise 2 – Incline Barbell Bench Press

incline bench press

How to perform this exercise:

Lie back on an incline bench. Unhook the bar from rack over upper chest using wide overhand grip.

Lower the weight to upper chest. Press bar until arms are extended. Repeat.

Sets/reps: Take a two minute break between sets.

  • Set 1: 6 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum
  • Set 2: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  • Set 3: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  • Set 4: 6 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum


Exercise 3 – Decline Barbell Bench Press

decline barbell bench press

How to perform this exercise:

Lie back on a decline bench with feet under leg brace. Unhook barbell from rack over chest using wide overhand grip

Lower the weight to chest. Press bar until arms are extended. Repeat.

Sets/reps: Take a two minute break between sets.

Set 1: 10 repetitions – 60% of 1 rep maximum
Set 2: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
Set 3: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
Set 4: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum


Exercise 4 – Cable Crossovers 

cable cross overs
How to perform this exercise:


First of all, set the type of resistance you want to use, then grab a pull in each hand, step forward while pulling both arms in front of you in hugging motion with elbows in fixed position.

With slight bend in your elbows, bring arms out to your side so that you feel your chest muscles stretch.  Then squeeze your chest muscles while you bring arms back to starting position. Repeat.

Sets/ reps: Take a one minute break between sets..

  1. Set 1: 8 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum
  2. Set 2: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  3. Set 3: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  4. Set 4: 6 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum

Chest and Tricep Workout: Exercises 5 & 7

Exercise 5 – Close Grip Triceps Bench Press

close grip triceps pressHow to perform this exercise:

Lie flat on a bench and grab the barbell with a shoulder width grip.

Lower weight to chest with elbows close to body. Push barbell back up until arms are straight. Repeat.

Sets/ reps: Take a one minute break between sets.

  1. Set 1: 8 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum
  2. Set 2: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  3. Set 3: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  4. Set 4: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum

How to perform this exercise:

Exercise 6 – Seated Triceps Dumbbell Press

Grab a dumbbell with both hands and position it over your head under inner plates (heart shaped grip)

With elbows over head, lower forearm behind upper arm by flexing elbows. Flex wrists at bottom to avoid hitting dumbbell on back of neck. Raise dumbbell over head by extending elbows while hyperextending wrists. Return and repeat.

Sets/ reps: Take a one minute break between sets.

Set 1: 8 Repetitions
Set 2: 8 Repetitions
Set 3: 8 Repetitions
Set 4: 6 Repetitions


Exercise 7 – Triceps Pushdown

Triceps PushdownHow to perform this exercise:

Attach a rope to a high pulley.

Face high pulley and grasp cable attachment with narrow overhand grip. Position elbows to side

Extend arms down. Return until forearm is close to upper arm. Repeat.


Sets/ reps: Take a one minute break between sets.

  1. Set 1: 8 repetitions – 70% of 1 rep maximum
  2. Set 2: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  3. Set 3: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum
  4. Set 4: 6 repetitions – 80% of 1 rep maximum

Final Note:

Follow this chest and triceps workout routine for 4-6 weeks and make sure to increase the weight in small increments each week. Do this and you start experiencing strength and muscle gains.

  • Eat a high protein meal after training (anywhere from 20-30 mins).
  • Try get at least 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Keep a training log as it will make you accountable with your goals and keep you highly motivated.

If you want to get my complete workout program then check out “My Drug-Free Muscle Mass Program” right here!

This program works as long as you put the work in. Give it a try!


Best Workout For Building Muscle Mass

Best Workout For Building Muscle Mass When Your Short On Time

Best Workout For Building Muscle Mass

“You don’t have the time or energy to workout?”

Well, I’ve been using the same excuse myself since I moved to London a few months ago.

For several years I was able to make it to the gym at least, 4-6 days per week, but in the past 2-3 months I’ve only managed to squeeze in 2-3 days.

I’ve been really busy at work so finding the time was definitely a problem for me.

Really, I don’t want to bore you with that.

However, the good news is, my back in the gym again with a proven way to build as much muscle mass as quickly as possible. So, since my time is limited I’ve decided to spend just 60 minutes in the gym, 3 days per week.

Obviously if I had enough time in the day, I’d still be doing four or five day split routines. So I just got to make the most out of the time I have available.

My goal is to gain muscle mass and strength as quickly as possible so the obvious choice since i’m short on time, is to follow a full body training routine with a rest day in between.

This gives the body sufficient time to recover, which is a very important factor in muscle growth.

Recommended By Old School Bodybuilders

reg park bodybuilder

Reg Park (1928-2007)

Old school bodybuilders like, Steeve Reeves, Reg Park and George Eiferman) recommended doing full body workouts 3 times per week using a full body workout routine. And many of today’s bodybuilders still envy the success they had.

Last time I done this program was in my early twenties and made crazy strength and mass gains in 2-3 months.

And so can you!

If you dedicate and train hard enough you too can make extraordinary gains fast.

The Full Body Workout Consists Of:

Doing heavy basic movements like deadlifts, squats, overhead press and bench presses works ALL major muscles of the body and triggers full body anabolism.

These exercises are known as compound exercises.

Read: 6 compound exercises for gaining size and strength 

Here is a sample 3 day workout routine I’ve been following  along with since the start of the new year.

You can do this program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If those days’ don’t suit you then pick 3 other days in the week instead.

You should be able to get this done in an hour or less if you take 1 minute rest between each set.

3 Day Full Body Workout Routine For Building Muscle Mass And Strength

  • Barbell or Dumbell Flat Bench Press – 1 to 2 sets of 8 reps
  • Incline Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press – 1-2 Sets of 8 reps
  • Barbell Deadlifts – 3 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Bent Over Barbell Rows: 3 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Barbell Squats – 3 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Standing or Donkey Calf Raises: 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 20 reps
  • Overhead Barbell or Dumbbell Press: 2 sets of 8-12 reps
  • Dips or close grip bench press: 2 sets of 8-12 reps

Points To Remember

  • I suggest doing a few light warm ups sets before your main workout.
  • All working sets should be worked very hard, which means the very last rep should a bit of a challenge to do.
  • If you are finding it easy, then increase the weight in small increments after each set. (eg 1.5-2.5kg)
  • Complete this routine 3 Days per week, with one day off in between (eg. monday, wednesday, friday).

For all the skeptics wondering about rear delts, traps, forearms, let me tell you that the above routine works every major muscle groups simultaneously and will help build size and strength.

This workout routine will also release huge amounts of testosterone and growth hormone in response to demands put on the body’s nervous, metabolic and cardiovascular systems.

Performing exercises like barbell curls or triceps push-downs won’t cause the same kind of anabolic response.

This workout routine isn’t suitable for every person but top bodybuilders have been following this routine for a long time now because it works.

If you follow this routine consistently for the next eight to ten weeks and eat clean healthy food, I have no doubt you will make serious gains in muscle size and strength.  Remember to keep a training log to track your progress and you won’t go wrong.

Give it a go and keep me updated on your progress.

How To Eat Healthy In A Fast Food Restaurants

How To Eat Healthy In A Fast Food Restaurant

how to eat healthy in a fast food restaurantThe words “healthy” and “fast food restaurant” don’t really go together, do they? But it is possible to eat fairly well when you are at one of these places.

Perhaps you’ve been invited out with friends and don’t want to seem like a social hermit, so you agree to go.

Just because you are there doesn’t mean you have to give in and fill your stomach with processed burgers, fatty fries and other food items that are clearly bad for you.

Below are some tips on how to eat healthy in a fast food restaurant so that you can always be ahead of the game.

Read the nutrition guidelines

ALL fast food restaurants now have nutritional guidelines for their foods, usually found in a pamphlet in store or online.

Looking these over before you order or even earlier in the day if possible, will help you to make a healthier decision in terms of what you are going to eat at the establishment.

You should usually try to determinate what has more nutrition and less calories and go for this.

Change your order

Restaurants are there to be accommodating to customers and although you might not want to be seen as awkward, making amendments to your order so it suits you is really not a big deal.

Trust me, I do this one all the time and never have I never been made feel embarrassed.

Eating clean at McDonald’s

Whenever I eat at McDonald’s I like to order a “Lettuce Wrapped Burger” (a bunless burger wrapped in lettuce).

I can tell them to put whatever I want on it, cheese, bacon, onions and tomato. This is a great way to make your burger so much healthier.

lettuce wrapped burger


Eating clean at Subway

At subway you can choose the toppings you want, with or without sauces. If you want high protein low carb meal, just ask them to throw in some extra chicken and bacon with veggies.

Also, if you want to go unless, ask them to wrap the ingredients in lettuce and your all good to go! Awesome, you can eat at subway anytime, without worrying about calorie intake.

high protein low-carb subway

Never go large

Fast food establishments will often give you the chance to make you meal bigger for a little bit extra money, you should always say no to this. All you will be doing is filling your body with more than it needs and can handle.

Remember also that you don’t need to finish all that is served to you, the portions in these places are often really big so you could always give your left overs to a friend or take them home with you for later.

Don’t drink soda

Most fast food meals come with soda but you should always ask for water instead to wash down your food. Not only is soda extra calories, it’s SO bad for you – even worse than the food at these places in my opinion.

Check out the sugar content in these drinks.

sugar contents

Don’t stress too much

Every once in a while, it’s perfectly fine to eat fast food. You really think one meal now and again at a fast food restaurant is going to undo all your hard work? Of course not! Just eat extra well the next day or train even harder than usual!

It’s important to make sure that it doesn’t happen too often and you will be absolutely fine.


Now you know how to eat healthy in fast food restaurants. Having a solid eating plan is VITAL in helping you achieve your muscle building and fat loss needs.

So next time your out with your mates, skip the big mac and burger king meals, etc and choose a healthy chicken salad instead.


anabolic cooking200 Best Fat Loss Recipes

Learn how to easily cook tasty meals for your fat loss or muscle building goals. This is the only cook book you will ever need, that features over 200 easy to cook recipes. Become your personal chef in no time!.

This is by far one of the best muscle and fat loss cook books I’ve seen so far. It will help you reach your muscle building and fat loss goals no matter what they are.  Click here for more details 

1 use power of your mind to build muscle

Use Your Mind To Command Those Muscles To Grow

use power of your mind to build muscleIn this blog post, I would like to share with you what I believe to be the most powerful training methods there are to build muscle fast.

Believe it or not, your mind plays a big role in your training regime and how your body grows the way you want it to.

The truth is, most people are concerned with all the specific aspects of their training.

You know the usual thought process:

  • How many days per week should I train?
  • How many reps and sets should I perform?
  • Which exercises do I need to do?
  • How long should I rest between sets?
  • How much protein should I consume?

Yes, these are definitely important questions you should be asking but you should not abide by these rules alone when structuring your workout and diet plan.

Let me tell you, all of those principles are absolute useless if you do not apply the most basic method for building muscle fast.

Applying the power of visualization

I have been doing this for years and it’s one of the main reasons that has kept me going to the gym for over 15 years now.

Before and during a workout, I would visualize in my mind’s eye my muscles forming and taking shape exactly how I want them to look. We all have that end goal in sight, the perfect body if you will so picture it as you exercise.

The amazing Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” This applies to many things in life including body building!

I would picture myself training at high intensity and concentrating on every single rep of every set I do.

Focus the mind

Whatever muscle group I’m training, I will focus the mind fully on this. So if I’m training biceps and I’m doing preacher curls, I will remind myself why I am doing this and what my goals are so that it will eventually become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

power of your mind to build muscle

This is something I have been doing for years. What it really comes down to is your determination to succeed.

For years I’ve been holding onto the image of how I wanted my body to look, so I made sure I’d go to the gym 4-5 days per week, train hard, try to eat clean and made sure my vision became a reality.

before and after

During my early days in the gym, I didn’t even know what the law of attraction was but when I think about it today, I’ve have been applying the principles of the law of attraction for years.

Power of your mind to build muscle

If I want my biceps to grow faster I will allow my mind to get inside the muscle and force my physical biceps to do what I want it to do.

Cut out all distractions

I won’t let any distractions get in my way. That means no mobile phone, no staring at women’s booty’s, no hogging the machines, nothing. Just me, myself and Iron 🙂

If the music is shit, it won’t distract me. Doesn’t matter if they play Justin Bieber, my ear buds get snatched out of my head, or the equipment is being used by somebody else….

I will always stay focused despite distractions at the gym. You should too if you want to dominate every session – it’s all about training your mind and body to do what you want it to.

Many people see professional bodybuilders as arrogant and “full of themselves” because they can always seem so serious.

This is probably not arrogance, it is more than likely that they are in the zone and totally focused on what they want to achieve. Inward focus gives them amazing results on the outside.

Insufficient training intensity

One of the biggest mistakes made in bodybuilding is that people don’t train with enough intensity. In any sport that sets such high limits but push their body to failure is because they are working their BODY too hard but the mind not enough.

How to apply the principles of visualization to each exercise

While you are working on a set and your are lifting the weight and pushing to muscle failure, start imagining yourself pushing past that point of failure.

You want to put every bit of energy into that exercise, to force with your mind your muscle to work harder than it ever has.

This is exactly what many sports professionals do, they understand how to connect with their minds to force the muscle to work harder and go further that what their body is used to.

This is when serious growth occurs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “In my mind I saw my biceps as mountains, enormously huge, and I pictured myself lifting tremendous amounts of weight with these superhuman masses of muscle!”

Arnold credits visualization as a lot to do with his physique because he also was once quoted to say “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent”.

Condition Your Subconscious Mind

It’s time to stop thinking that body building is all about how much you can lift or how many reps you can do, put your subconscious into action and THEN you will see results.

If you think negative thoughts about your workout and don’t believe in yourself, it’s unlikely that you will achieve much at all.

A body builders motto should be “Never think or speak negative about myself”. Whether you are training professionally or just as a hobby, positivity is the way forward.

You should practice positive affirmation on a daily basis, it will make you happier in everyday life in addition to the bodybuilding world.

Some examples of positive affirmations that you should say to yourself on a daily basis include the following!

Why not print of these quotes and hang them somewhere in your home, so you can see them on a daily basis?

These can be changed slightly of course, use words that motivate you as an individual.

“My muscles are growing”

“My muscles are well defined”

“I will work hard so I can show off my muscles confidently” 

“I am consistent in my workout routine”

“I always push through the pain”

“I am highly motivated to bulk up”

“I always work my ab muscles with intensity”

“My abdominals are well defined”

Positivity and envisioning yourself reaching a certain point makes it MUCH more likely that you will actually achieve it.

My Thoughts

I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction and I always try my best to apply it in everything I do in life.

There are literally tons of books on the subject but the ones I like the most are  “The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy” and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

These books will help you create the life you want. It shows you how you can use the power of your mind to attracts great things into your life.


I hope you can now see how important visualization and focus is to training your muscles and staying motivated.

So whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or get ripped abs, put these mindful techniques into practice and they will keep you motivated in your training and bring you closer to achieving your ideal physique.

Question: What’s your take on the importance of visualisation in bodybuilding? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

v taper body

How To Build V-Taper Upper Body The Natural Way

v taper bodyOne of the reasons why a bodybuilder stands out in a crowd is the V taper body, and for someone starting out in bodybuilding, images of a tight waistline and wide shoulders are particularly fascinating.

The traditional approach of tapering down to a wasp-like waistline with a ripped six-pack is losing fashion in some circles, and some people want to get bigger.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a formidable physique, however it shouldn’t mean sacrificing symmetry and proportion.

For the rest of you who prefer a smaller size with more pronounced shoulders, there is a way to get an aesthetic physique in spite of challenging genetics.

Here’s how to sculpt your body to get that V-taper look:

Keep in mind that you may not be able to look exactly like your favorite athlete, but with concentrated effort and consistency you can gradually improve your physique to maximise your own genetics.

There is a danger in attempting to duplicate years of hard work and good nutrition with a quick dose of anabolic steroids, which of course presents a myriad of health risks – some of which can be life-threatening.

Read:- Drug-Free BodyBuilding 

There are three main muscle-groups involved in creating a V-shaped, muscular upper body. These are lats, deltoids, and abdominals.

Let’s review these muscles and learn how they relate to building the V taper Body

The Lats

This is your foundation when building a V taper body. You need a wider back when creating good lats and there are two distinct formulas for this; pull-down movements plus chin-ups, and the rowing movements combined with deadlifts.

Pull-down exercises are meant to build width, while the rowing movements build thickness, and you need both to have an impressive back.

Here’s a routine guide that will accomplish both:

  • Barbell deadlift – after a light warm up, 4 sets, 5-10 reps
  • Pull-ups – at least 3 sets
  • Bent over barbell row – at least 3 sets of 10 reps (remember to wear a lifting belt)
  • V-bar pull-down – 2 sets of 10 reps

The Delts

Have you seen images of a wide shoulder with large deltoids? These are basically the hallmark of a great V-shape. It helps when you have a naturally wide structure, but anybody can develop thick, round delts (the type that cap off the shoulders). Start by doing heavy pressing movements followed by some form of leverage raising exercises that target each head specifically.

Also, try going as heavy as you can but without compromising form. You can accomplish lateral raises by raising and lowering but under full control; and not by swinging the dumbbells.

Here’s a simple routine guide:

  • Overheard shoulder press with smith machine – 4 sets of at least 5 reps
  • Side lateral raise – 4 sets, 8-12 reps
  • Bent over low-pulley side lateral – 4 sets, 10 reps
  • Seated bent-over rear delt raise with 4 sets of 10 reps

The Abdominals

You can alter your approach to ab training to suit what you reckon is most effective for you; however it should be noted that direct oblique training isn’t necessarily the most effective routine.

A good diet plays a major role here, and using weights as resistance to train abs has been proven to increase waistline girth, thus defeating the effort of creating those sexy V-shaped abs.

Here’s a guide that you can try out to tone the abdominals:

  • Crunches with 3 sets of 25 reps
  • Sit-ups, 3 sets of 15 reps
  • Lying leg curls, 3 sets of 25 reps
  • Hanging leg raise, 3 sets to failure


Before proceeding with your workout program, take time to prepare a daily meal plan that takes into account calorie counting and protein boost. To determine the right type of diet for your body you may need to talk to a nutritionist; however you should incorporate foods like brown rice, brown pasta, oats, vegetables, green leaves, and fruits.

Eliminate all processed sugars from your food and use sweetener in your tea and coffee as opposed to refined sugar. It doesn’t taste the same but it’s far safer for you in the long run.

Read: How I Cut Out Bad Carbs and Sugars to Burn Fat and Feel Great

Energy drinks should also be avoided, and in their place you should drink water.

Many of us have trouble adjusting to what is medically proven to be a healthy’’ diet plan but you can tune your mind to view these as the better alternatives when you see the effects of unhealthy eating habits.

Remember you don’t really need to spend hours of gruelling weightlifting in order to get a V-shape taper; you do however need to utilize the time you spend at the gym targeting all the right muscles with deliberate, concentrated exercises that will yield better results.

To start with, download my latest bodybuilding program; “Drug-Free Muscle Mass Program“.

The book will provide you with more insight on transforming your body from flab to fab in just 12 weeks. For more information, or to download “Drug-Free Muscle Mass Program”, click here.

drug free muscle mass

1 How To Get An Aesthetic Body Naturally

how to ge an aesthetic body naturally

Lean, ripped, shredded, lithe … all of these words describe an aesthetic body. While it’s true that not everyone agrees about what is attractive, people generally accept the image of a lean, toned individual as being in shape and appealing.

An aesthetic body isn’t just about looks, it’s about health and strength.

With more than 12 years of working out I feel I completely understand the process and can give you tips on how to get an aesthetic physique that you can be very proud of.

Forget about what your friends or what the internet tells you about needing to take certain drugs/substances to help you achieve an aesthetic body. It’s all bullshit! You can achieve an aesthetic body naturally.

All you do need is dedication!

I’ll explain the process below….

How To Get An Aesthetic Body Naturally

The first thing you need to do is tweak your workout to maximize efficiency.

I’m a bodybuilder and I have trained in some of the best gyms around the world. These exercises are my go-to moves because I’ve seen real results over time.

Try out these 5 body sculpting and fat burning exercises and you’ll know exactly how to get an aesthetic body naturally and keep it after you try these out.

1. Crazy Effective Reps

Simply decreasing the weight and increasing the reps as you move through a lifting set can make a big difference in your physique.

Workout Structure To Follow:

2 warm up sets to avoid injury and get the blood flowing.


Set 1: Make your first set 6-8 reps at around 70-80% of your maximum effort.

Set 2: 8 – 10 reps of decreased weight.

Set 3: 8 – 10 more reps of decreased weight.

Set 4: 10 – 12 reps at the lightest weight you’re using.


2. Unilateral Training


One of the keys to getting your body into maximum aesthetic shape is is to train each muscle group evenly. Don’t make the same mistake I used to make when I used to train mostly my upper body and as a result my legs looks skinny (that’s why I used to cover them up every time I worked out :).

You want to make sure to develop a balanced physique and when you know how to do this symmetry is achieved.

Symmetrical Arms Training Guide

Complete 4 sets of 6, 8, 10, and 12 reps for each of these exercises.


â—Ź Smith Machine Close Grip Bench Press

â—Ź EZ-Bar Skullcrusher

â—Ź Standing Low Pulley One-Arm Triceps Extension

â—Ź Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

â—Ź EZ-Bar Curl

â—Ź Alternate Hammer Curl

â—Ź Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curl

â—Ź Spider Curl


This kind of workout allows you to keep track of how you are working your body. Things will stay nice and even as you cut up and burn fat.


3. Focus On Conditioning


Conditioning can really show off your aesthetic physique. Keep your rest intervals short to accomplish this look. You can rest large muscle groups for less than 50 seconds and smaller ones between 30-40 seconds.


Your heart rate will increase which helps burn fat. That reminds me, don’t skip the cardio. Shoot for at least 4 cardio session weekly that are between 20-40 minutes long.


4. Intensify Your V-Taper Cut


You don’t want skinny legs, but you do want a torso that narrows toward the bottom to achieve that classic bodybuilder look. Here’s how to get it.


Amazing V-Taper Workout

Perform 4 sets of 6, 8, 10, 12 reps of each of these exercises and let me know how your V-Taper looks.


â—Ź Standing Military Press

â—Ź Side Lateral Raise

â—Ź Front Plate Raise

â—Ź Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

â—Ź Smith Machine Shrugs

â—Ź Dumbbell Shrug

â—Ź Pullups

â—Ź Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown

â—Ź Seated Cable Rows

â—Ź Bent Over Barbell Row


5. Chisel That 6 Pack


You know that no aesthetic body is complete without a Killer V Shaped Abs. Here’s what I recommend to get one.


Effective 6 Pack Workout

4 sets of 6, 8, 10, 12 reps of each of these exercises, too. Come on, you’re working toward perfection here!

● Leg Raise + Crunch W/ Medicine Ball

â—Ź Russian Twist W/ Medicine Ball

● Cable Crunch

â—Ź Knee/Hip Raise on Parallel Bars

â—Ź Standing Cable Wood Chop

● 45 Degree Weighted Oblique Extension

The Best Way To Eat

This one isn’t rocket science, guys. How to get an aesthetic body involves eating whole foods. You want to eat clean’ as much as you can.

This ensures that good fuel is going into your body, complete with the complex carbs you need to fuel your performance.

Personally, I eat a lot of oats, brown rice, brown pasta, vegetables, broccoli and spinach, and fruits. I avoid processed foods and anything high in sugar.

Get my workout program and diet plan to get ripped

Stay Motivated

For me, my motivation comes from within. I love to workout and I love to see the changes in my body when I’m training.

aesthetic body


It’s pretty much the same when I’m maintaining. I look for any changes that I don’t like and make some tweaks along the way.

I’m my own motivating factor in more ways than one. When I like how I look, I also like how I feel. This creates a cycle that keeps me striving for more.

Getting involved in competitions has given me something to work for that measures my overall progress.

Find What Works For You

Your motivation may be different. You might want to fit into a certain outfit or feel better. Like me, you might be looking for a certain view in your own mirror.

If you have children, let them motivate you. Don’t you want to be in the best physical shape of your life so you can enjoy theirs with them?

Some people find that the workout music they choose can really help get them to the end of the set. It’s so easy to program a workout playlist that you really have no excuse not to try.

Why not let me know what works for you to keep you going? There’s plenty of room in the comments of this post!

Tips to prepare for a successful Natural Bodybuilding Contest

tips to prepare for a natural bodybuilding contest

Every year, bodybuilders keep raising the bar at bodybuilding contests. Therefore if you are looking to stand on that stage someday and shine, you need to follow a proven and effective natural bodybuilding formula.

This will ensure you are completely ready with full muscles and a great physique.

Achieving an impressive physique naturally is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either.

Dedication, hard work, patience, and discipline are important values you have to keep up to finally reach your goal.

Take a look at natural bodybuilding pros like Jeff Rodriguez, Lazar Angelov, Jim Cordova and some oldies such as Eugen Sandow and Steve Reeves. These people have built an almost unbelievable body without the use of drugs. You can too!

Tips to prepare for a successful Natural Bodybuilding Contest.

The following are three essential practices that will lead you to the bodybuilding contest stage and maybe even help you win the 1st place trophy:

1. Lack of mental discipline will not take you anywhere.

Without mental discipline, it is just impossible for you to achieve an appropriate physique. Honestly, there are lots of temptations and distractions around that can prevent you from reaching the right level of physique.

Some of these distractions include alcohol, unhealthy foods and sheer laziness. However, expressing mental strength and determination to resist temptation and distractions is the only way to make it to the contest.

Remember; if something does not challenge you, it won’t change you All your hard work will pay after the contest and then you can eat or drink out anyhow (just don’t get into trouble).

2. Get all necessary supplements and products ready.

When preparing for the contest, all you need to do is stick to the basis bodybuilding supplements and most importantly the right kind of food to help you through the process.

Without the right bodybuilding supplements and meal plans, it will be almost impossible to build an eye catching physique.

A few of the best foods or supplements to stock up on while working on your physique are:

  • Carbohydrates (wheat bread, wholemeal rice, oatmeal and much more)
  • Fibrous Carbohydrates (greens , lettuce, spinach and much more)
  • Good Fats (Trans fats, olive oil and much more)
  • Protein (red meat, egg white, tuna and much more.

I have discussed this in more detail here ==>> healthy nutrition – protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Just make a plan and be sure you stick to the plan.

A man without a plan is more or less ready for failure without a doubt. Securing the right supplements and nutritional products will be pointless without a plan of action. You need to stay on track (possibly ahead of track) with your meals, exercise, and rest. Try to draw up a valid plan, analyze the plan and understand it.

Another part most people fail is at executing the plan. Keep in mind it is one thing to make a plan; it is another thing to put that plan into action.

An easy way to plan and execute the plan is the conventional 7-day planner. With the 7 day planner, you can sort your time properly, increase your productivity and ultimately build a better body.

It is also advised to spread your meals out to about five to seven times every day as it will increase your metabolism each time to try to burn fat.

3. Diligently and Patiently perform your HIIIT.

When preparing for the bodybuilding contest, you will need to undergo rigorous training to get you completely prepared. The training is usually called a high intensity interval training (HIIT) session.

In order to make the best out of this training, you will need, to begin with, slow interval bursts. As time goes on, you should then increase your bursts to an optimum level.

All cardio equipment can be used for the high intensity interval training. And you can as well engage yourself in running, cycling etc. (following the interval training guideline) if you prefer outdoor workouts.

Achieving a aesthetic body is possible with the right mindset, dedication, and focus. However, if you feel like you have been trying your best with no result, instead of giving up, you should seek expert advice.

To start with, download my latest bodybuilding program; “Total Body Transformation Program“. The book will provide you with more insight on bodybuilding and guide you through the whole process. For more information, or to download “Total Body Transformation Program”, click here.

What Body Shape Am I – Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

Which body type are you

Wondering what body shape you are and what exercise should you be doing for your body type?

Every man and woman come in different physiques.

This classification is common with those interested in body building or overall physical fitness in a gym. That is why scientists categorize the body frames in three types; Mesomorph, Endomorph, and Ectomorph.

Some men want a bulky physique, while others tend to prefer the lean body. So, which body type are you – Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph? To help you know better here is a look at each body type.

1. Ectomorph

A guy with an ectomorphic physique tends to be lean and thin. Since an ectomorph is generally skinny, they are usually perfect for physical exercises like athletics.

Conversely, they do not perform so well in bodybuilding contests. Professionals discourage ectomorphs from indulging in bodybuilding competitions, especially because of their bodily features. Typically, they will have small joints, with lean and stringy muscles.

Features of an ectomorph

• Flat chest
• Tiny and delicate bone structure and frame
• Typical hard gainer. They experience a tough and difficult time gaining weight.
• Fast metabolism. Ectomorphs also experience faster digestion than any other body type.
• Lean muscle mass
• Thin and slightly wide shoulders.

Why is it difficult for Ectomorphs to gain weight?

Since ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, it means that calories are burned up quickly in the body. Anytime they intake food, the body digests it at a quick rate. For that, they need to intake huge amount of calories so as to counter and compensate the fast metabolism. Also, eating before bed helps to avoid muscle catabolism when asleep.

How should I work out as an Ectomorph?

Ectomorphs also find it challenging to gain muscles during a workout. Nonetheless, with a proper strategy, it can be a lot easier for them to pull off an effective time at the gym. For starters, ectomorphs’ workouts must be short and intense enough. Also, they should be targeted on the big muscle groups for an effective growth. You can use some supplements to help trigger the muscle growth. Ideally, use a protein shake, rather than Creatine.

Using light weights in high reps can help. For instance, you can do five sets of about 20 reps, and prioritize mental concentration as you work out. Ensure that you have a low resting time, and throw in some cardiovascular exercises to energize you further.

2. Endomorph

An endomorphic physique is quite common among the wrestlers, though bodybuilders hate this physique. An endomorph tends to have a soft and solid body. With these guys, they usually gain fat easier than ectomorphs. They are usually shorter, with thick legs and arms. Also, they have strong muscles, mostly in the upper legs. Guys with an endomorphic physique will normally perform well in leg workouts, such as squats.

Common features of an endomorph

• Slow metabolism.
• Gain fat and muscle easily, but find it difficult to lose fat.
• Short and round physique.
• Soft and thick body.
• Muscles are not perfectly defined.

Endomorphs are usually advised to watch their eating habits because they have a slow metabolism that leads to a gradual calorie burn. That is why they gain fat and muscles easily. However, you should eat a high protein and carb meal at least seven times every day. This will help to maintain your physique.

Working out as an endomorph

Even though endomorphs have an easy time at the gym, not every workout is recommended. First off, you should follow the Pyramid strategy on your sets. Your training session should take about 50 mins a day, and train three times in a week.

For weightlifting, go for the extra heavy weights and do about six short reps with a two-minute rest in between. Engage in cardio and weight training as much as you can to avoid too much fat gain in the body. Also, stay away from supplements, especially if you are already following a high protein diet.

3. Mesomorph

Most bodybuilders tend to have a mesomorphic physique, which is a body structure with large muscles and bones, along with a naturally athletic structure. With mesomorphs, they experience an easy time gaining weight and losing muscles. They have a strong structure, which makes them the ideal species for bodybuilding.

Features of a mesomorph

• Perfectly-defined muscles
• Athletic physique
• Overly strong and hard body
• Rectangular body frame
• Gains muscles and fat with ease.
• Lose muscles

Even though this is the best physique that many guys want, it also has its negative side. The bad news about mesomorphs is that they tend to gain fat quicker and easier than endomorphs. For that, mesomorphs must watch their diet, especially the calorie intake. Ensure that you have six meals each day.

How to work out effectively as a mesomorph

Just because mesomorphs have a naturally effective time at the gym doesn’t mean that they can apply any workout technique. Conversely, you should engage in high-intensity training and pyramid training systems. With the pyramids, it is all about adding more weight to the plates, and limiting the number of reps on each set.

High-intensity training, on the other hand, entails intense and short workouts. A good example of a high intensity exercise would be sprint intervals which will deliver perfect results.

If you want to maintain your strong, athletic physique, you will have to blend in some cardio and weight training.

biceps and triceps workoutWhat about my physique?

Now you know the various body types, and how to maintain each of them. For me personally, I am proud to be among the most-sought-for physiques.

I am a mesomorph; athletic, with a strong and rock-hard physique.

So how do I maintain my body?

I tend to be a strict follower of a well-balanced diet, with enough amount of protein and calories. I do not use testosterone supplements to bulk me up. I achieved my physique ‘drug free‘ with hard work and discipline and I plan on keeping it that way.

I take a protein shake before working out, and a carb or protein meal after working out.

Read: Top Whey Protein Powders 

Start your out with a light warm-up set, then do a 12-rep set for each beginning exercise. As you progress with your workout, use heavier weights in your subsequent set. Do about ten reps for the next four sets, and consider muscular failure training in each set.

So, if you would like to get big and ripped just like I have then you need to be fully committed make sure to set up a schedule to work on each muscle group every week.

For the abs, I recommend training them 2-3 times per week if you want that those sexy v shaped abs that women love. Ensure that you work out for about an hour, and include a moderate resting time. Working out four times in a week can also be helpful.

And how about you? What is your body type? I would love to hear from you.


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alcohol and bodybuilding

Why Alcohol and Bodybuilding Simply Do Not Mix

alcohol and bodybuilding do not mix

Summer time is here again, everybody is out having fun, which means more barbeques, vacations, pub crawls, outdoor parties, you name it!

And while all that’s going on, alcohol is a key ingredient for most people. A common question that people ask me is, “Can you get drink alcohol while getting building muscle, getting lean and lose fat?”.

Truth is Alcohol and Bodybuilding Do Not Mix…

We all know about the negative effects alcohol has on our health, but at the same time it’s fun to head out with your mates and have a few beers, especially if you are going to a beach party and let all the ladies see your jaw dropping physique. Nothing wrong with that! 🙂

alcohol and bodybuilding


But if your goal is to compete in a bodybuilding competition or even to get in the best shape ever, then you will need to minimize the amount of alcohol your drink or give up completely

I’m going to share my experience with alcohol and how you can minimize it’s effects and still continue to keep your body in shape and get locked at the same time.

About a month ago, I went to visit a friend in London and he suggest we go for few drinks. Now, I haven’t’ seen this guy in months so I thought, “why, not, it’s not gonna do much harm….It’s just a once off”.

Besides, I was never really a big drinker so a few beers once every couple of months isn’t going to ruin all all my hard gains at the gym.

We hung out in bars and clubs for and had great craic!

  • Didn’t get drunk
  • Had a great night
  • No hangover the next day
  • And was still able to get a great workout in the gym

When I was in my 20’s, I was a regular beer drinker and at that time I didn’t take my health very seriously.

But what I realized is, if I was out drinking with the lads every Friday and Saturday night getting wasted, it would normally take me 3 days to completely recover. As a result, I wasn’t able to train the way that I intended.

So that’s like 3 days wasted when I could have been at the gym getting stronger, fitter, healthier and more muscular.

How Drinking Alcohol Shuts Down The Fat Burning Process

So while you are out partying with your mates every single weekend, knocking pints and shots all night long, you are literally making it impossible for your body to metabolise the alcohol, which makes it difficult to burn body fat.

Biggest Downfall of Alcohol Consumption

I’m sure you are already aware that drinking alcohol in excessive amounts lowers your inhibitions, which means you are likely to make poor choices along the way.

Why waste all your time eating clean all week and working your ass off in the gym if you’re planning on knocking back 8 pints of Heineken when you go out. That’s about 1,200 calories that your body needs to make room for.

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions

You tend to make poor choices. You can probably relate this but the reality is most people make poor choices. In other words their standards go down.

It just doesn’t make much sense, you work your butt off in the gym, while sticking to a clean diet, then letting it all that effort go to waste over 6-10 pints of beer (and maybe even a few shots).

Usually what happens afterwards is you fall out of the pub with the lads and end up getting stuck into a bacon cheese burger deluxe at burger king or a 16 inch pizza at Domino’s and maybe even a taco fries to top the night off.

And when your in that drunken state it’s not easy to resist fast food because your likely to make poor dietary choices because alcohol increases your appetite.

How to drink alcohol while still Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Be Healthy?

Here is a strategy that I follow whenever I go out with the lads.

I would order a pint of beer and then my next drink would be a pint of water. That’s it! I would continue this cycle all night long. So one out of every 2 drinks I had contained alcohol. So if I had 10 drinks over the course of the night, technically I only had 5 bottles of beer.

I repeat this cycle throughout the night so it’s a great way to minimize the amount of alcohol your consume and has less of a negative effect on your body.

See below:

bodybuilding and alcohol


Now that’s not nearly as bad as what most people would do. Most people would typically drink one pint of beer after the next.

The good news is you can cut down on the amount of calories (100 calories per drink)  by drinking  dry wines and spirits (with or without diet soda). A glass of sherry contains roughly 70 calories, where as cocktails such as mojito’s and sex on beach run up to over 300 calories.  I try to stay away from cocktails altogether.

You can find a list of calories in other alcoholic drinks here

Other things you can do to minimize the effects of binge drinking.

  • Drink a 2-3 pints of water before going to bed
  • Don’t workout shortly before you go on a night of binge drinking. Leave it for a day or two.
  • Stay away from fast food on the night out and the morning after. Eat something high in protein for breakfast instead.  (eg. a high protein chicken omelette and protein shake)
  • Avoid Sweet Alcohol Mixers such as cocktails and shots. Instead drink spirits with sugar free mixers.

Final Thoughts

Having a few drinks with your buddies every now and then, wont’ harm your physique and or health, but obviously if you drink often then it can definitely spoil the hard effort you put into your workout, by decreasing your ability to burn fat and build muscle.

If your serious about building a superior physique then you will need to maximize your efforts in the gym and cut down on the booze. Again, alcohol and bodybuilding do not mix!

If you know anybody who would benefit from reading this article, please hit the share button below.

A Simple Proven Way to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast

get rid of body fat

Lately, I have been receiving all kinds of questions from guys struggling to lose weight or get rid of those dreaded man boobs.

Well in this article, I am going o share with you a little known “Proven way to get rid of body fat fast“.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to look their best and feel fit and healthy.

The biggest problem in today’s’ society is not the weight they have put on—it is the many ineffective and commercialized techniques that include supplements, fat loss pills and other unorthodox weight loss methods that never really seem to deliver the results they promise.

Trust me when I say these methods never work because I was there once and tried them all.

Over the years I struggled to lose as little as one pound of body fat, so I know exactly how annoying and frustrating it can be.

I worked out intensely for years, hoping to build muscle mass and get super shredded but all of those fat loss gimicks failed to get me the results I really wanted.

weight loss gimmicks

I wasted so much money on all kinds of weight loss supplements and diet pills. I’ve even tried those “Slender-tone Ab Belts”, which didn’t work either.

I just wanted to lose that extra bit of weight and get ripped abs just like the guys embracing the cover of muscle and fitness magazine.

muscle and-fitness magazine

The Biggest Mistake I Made

When I relied on traditional workouts to burn fat, I used to do 2 to 3 high intensity cardio workouts per week and lifted weights almost every day. These exercises used to drain me so much that I concluded there has to be a better and more sustainable way to achieve my fitness goals.

I used to indulge in all kinds of processed food because eating healthy food did not appeal to me at the time.

eliminate processed food

My mindset was: “As long as I worked my ass off at the gym, eventually I will reach my ideal body, naturally.”

Boy, was I wrong!

I did a lot of research on exercising, health, and nutrition just as I was on the verge of giving up and came across something that completely changed my life and gave me the exact guide I need to get the body I always wanted.

In fact, this is what helped transform my physique and made me feel  a whole lot better than I did before.

If you follow me on Facebook and have been reading the rest of my blog posts, I am sure you have noticed the progress Io have made over the past couple of years.

The greatest advice I can give anyone seeking to replicate my success is:

It’s all about what you eat. Your choice of food greatly impacts your mood, skin, and overall health.

Excellent Fat Burning Foods

excellent fat burning foods

To be brutally honest, the first rule you must abide by if you are seeking to lose weight, get the body you want, and feel great about yourself is to cut out bad carbs and sugar from your diet.

You might be thinking, “There is no chance in hell I would be able to do that“.

When I first heard of this rule, I was skeptical as to how it is possible to lose weight by cutting out wheat and sugar products from your diet in order to lose weight quickly.

But then, I heard some amazing stories of how people had achieved their weight loss objectives by doing this, I was open to experimenting with it for a few weeks.

After all, I thought, “I got nothing to lose by trying” and if it doesn’t help me burn off those extra few pounds I can return to my old eating habits again.

This turned out to be a turning point in my life.

The dietary change wasn’t easy at first. The first few days were the most difficult because I had a serious craving for sugar, sweets, cereals, and bread.

Considering that these are the foods I have eaten my entire life, giving them up, even for a week, was an uphill battle.

I did manage to completely eliminate processed foods and sugars from my diet and within two weeks I began to experience a total body transformation.

before and after

I went from weighing 189 lbs down to 171 lbs. So I lost 18 lbs in total. Since I started eating clean, I began to notice my muscles were beginning to look more defined.

All it takes is a dietary change!

Today, I feel great! I feel a lot healthier, fitter and stronger than I ever did before! People compliment me all the time and ask me for advice. Life has never been better!

I have competed in my first bodybuilding competition last year and it was one of the best feeling I’ve ever had.

I know I can do better, so I have set even bigger goals for myself this year and in the future.

If you are still searching for effective ways to get ripped, you need to start by making a few simple dietary changes.

After being blown away by the results I’ve achieved, I no longer needed to over train with crazy ab and cardio workouts as often as I used to.

So now I only need to workout 4 days a week, instead of everyday of the week, which is way too much for the average person.

I know people who go to the gym every day for several years and they are still out of shape. Why? Because, what they think they might be eating is healthy, actually isn’t! It’s either that or they have no intention of giving up their favorite junk food.

If you want to lose belly fat and get rid of those man boobs, then clean up your diet by cutting out bad inflammatory foods that cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

The worst foods you should eliminate from your diet include:

  • Bread (more specifically wheat)
  • Cereal
  • Pasta
  • All wheat products including whole grains

If you find it hard to eliminate them completely, then at least reduce the amount you eat in a week.

Discover which other bad foods you need to eliminate from your diet in this insightful article put together by Mike Guery.

Cutting out processed and sugary foods from your diet and instead eat more organic lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, oats, and brown rice is the first step to achieving your goals of being and feeling like a brand new person.

It is not going to be easy, especially if you have to give up the foods you eaten your entire life. You may relapse now and then, I did too, but you have to put up a brave fight.

What do you need to do?

Give this trick a try for just 30 days and I guarantee that at the end of the trial period, you will look and feel like a brand you person.

If you are serious about getting rid of unwanted body fat, I recommend you check out the Fat Loss Kitchen.

The Fat loss Kitchen is a simplified and proven program that contains all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to achieve the weight loss results you want.

Click here to read this informative article by Mike Guery 


Should I Take Creatine For Building Muscle?

should i take creatineHave you ever asked yourself “should I take creatine?” Apart from protein shakes, Creatine — pronounced cree-ate-een, in case you didn’t know! — is quite probably the world’s most used supplement.

But despite it being widely available, there’s still loads of confusion surrounding the stuff.

How long should you take it for?

WHEN should you take it? What does it actually do? And is it worth your cash?

Here is everything you need to know about creatine and it’s muscle-boosting, cell-volumizing, energy-increasing effects.

What exactly is creatine?

First up, what actually IS creatine? And what does it do? Here’s the science: Creatine is essentially a fusion of three different amino acids —glycine, methionine, and arginine — which are usually found in foods like fish and lean meat.

Creatine regenerates something called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate — basically, the energy that’s stored in your muscle cells.

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Wait, there’s more.

Creatine can increase ATP energy when you work out, so you get the maximum amount of the stuff in your muscle cells.

Here’s the bit that will blow your mind: Creatine, when taken on a regular basis, can give you a much-needed boost in the gym.

But if you are looking to pack on some monster mass, lean up or get shredded, creatine won’t perform miracles, but it can give you an extra burst of energy when you need it most. It will definitely give you that extra push to perform more reps or do more intervals on a treadmill at high intensity.

How do you take it?

Here’s the complicated bit: There’s a lot of contention about how much creatine your body actually needs and when you need to consume it.

The general school of thought is that you should take about three to five grams of the stuff every day, preferably before your workout, as well as on non-training days.

Should I take Creatine With Water or Juice?

water or juiceIt doesn’t really matter how you take it but I prefer to take it with a glass of water. All you do is scoop a serving into into a glass or shaker, add water or juice and drink it.

It doesn’t really taste of anything (certainly not anything overpowering) and depending on the brand you opt for, should mix pretty well.

Some Athletes and pro bodybuilders advocate what’s called “creatine loading.”
This is when you consume a lot more creatine — anywhere up to 20 grams — for about a month to “load” your body with the supplement.

The reason behind it?

Well, the theory goes that the cell-volumizing effect of creatine (it effectively draws water into your muscles, giving them a denser look) happens quicker during the loading process.

There’s studies to support both methods of taking creatine and there’s not really a right or wrong answer. Do your research and decide what’s right for you.

What’s creatine monohydrate?

You might have seen the term “creatine monohydrate” before. This is just one of the many types of creatine (there’s creatine ethyl ester, or CEE and creatine serum to name just two) but it’s generally considered the best.

Unlike some other varieties, creatine monohydrate has finer particles and mixes well.

If you haven’t taken this supplement before, you might want to start off with a creatine monohydrate product.

It’s been used for years and there are loads of scientific studies that document the effects of the supplement.

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Which brand should I go for?

Not all creatine brands are created equal. Some have a chalky, lumpy texture that’s difficult to mix while others are super expensive and essentially do the same thing as cheaper brands.

Some whey proteins and pre-workouts are formulated with creatine though most people purchase this supplement separately.

One of the most popular brands out there is Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder, which contains 3.4 grams of pure creatine monohydrate in each serving to help increase muscle power and endurance in your workouts.

The supplement has a smooth taste that doesn’t feel gritty or lumpy on the tongue and mixes well with juice, water or protein.

Plus, it can be taken at any time during the day. Whether you want to do high-intensity training, squats or deadlifts, creatine can give you more stamina when in the gym.

Optimum Nutrition Micronized CreatineBasically, creatine is one of the best supplements on the market, restoring ATP energy levels and drawing water into the muscles.

If you’re struggling in the gym, creatine can give you an energy boost — turbocharging your workouts. Creatine can produce more strength and more effective workouts.

Looking for a brand that gives you more power?

Try Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder TODAY!


Have you ever tried creatine before? If so, which brand? Has it helped you perform better workouts? Would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below!


Drug-Free Bodybuilding – You Don’t Need Juice to Build Muscle Mass and Get Shredded

Drug-free Bodybuilding

Anabolic steroids have been around for a long time, and over the years, their use has increased; even more people today are using them.

Steroid use has caused many deaths around the world and many people to feel under pressure to take steroids in order to achieve a physique just like their idols.

Well, let me just remind you that this blog post is not about building muscle quickly, because if that’s what you want, then you will better off visiting some other website.

Drug-free Bodybuilding

I teach people how to build muscle without the use of steroids or unnatural substances. I have absolutely nothing against steroid users, I just prefer drug-free bodybuilding, that’s all.

I have never taken steroids and I don’t think I ever will, although I have been accused of taking them by a lot of people.

That’s okay though. I accept it as a compliment.

People are very quick to assume that someone is on the juice, just because their body is in much better shape than the average person.

My hard gains came from over 12 years of working out and learning what works and what doesn’t. I’m not saying that it took me over 12 years to get in shape, but let’s just say I learned how to crawl before I could actually walk!

Yes, I made a shit load of mistakes, but I learned from them as time went by.

And sure enough, through daily lifting and eating properly, I eventually transformed my physique. If I can do it, then so can you! You just have to stick to your workout goals.

If you want something bad enough,  you have to be prepared to work your butt off to get it. Nobody significant in life will be handed to you, useless you work for it.

If something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

I know I’m not huge like  a lot of bodybuilders and if I did use steroids I’m sure my body would look just as good as the pros. But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about how you can attain an impressive physique through hard work and a clean diet. No shortcuts, no cheating, just hard work and dedication.

I’m going to keep this as simple and straightforward as possible so that even beginners will learn what it takes to go out and reap similar results to mine.

Doing this naturally, how is it that some people can achieve this look and some people need to cheat?

Most pro bodybuilders will tell you it took them years to get in shape. Building muscle takes hard work, both in and out of the gym. There is no magic pill or drug that’s going to turn you into a genetic freak overnight.

Forget about it!

That’s why most beginners give up quickly. They might train hard for about six months to a year, and when they fail to get the body they desire, they start hating on  – “natural bodybuilders”, out of sheer jealousy or frustration.

I always laugh when I read comments on social media with guys mocking other guys because they have better physiques.

If only these doubters and haters were there to experience the amount of effort “natty’s” have to go through in order to look the way they do, maybe it would shut them up and possibly inspire them to do the same.

Drug-free bodybuilding – can you build muscle naturally?

Yes, of course. All you need is a proper weight training program, nutrition, and the determination to succeed regardless of any obstacles.

You don’t even need to take supplements if you are getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet.

Don’t believe in the lies and what the false gurus want you to believe on the internet. Most of them are just out to sell you their crappy products and empty your pockets. So be careful!

There are very few companies who are honest and reliable. I’m not trying to make false claims like most of “the false gurus”-do. I just keep it simple and try to teach you what has helped me get in shape.

I just try to give you what you need to know, without all the unnecessary BS, just keep it simple and try to teach what I know has helped me get in shape.

Hell, you don’t even have to take my advice, but at least, I am showing you everything that has helped me get in shape.

If you are a beginner or someone who has failed to gain muscle at the gym, here’s my advice to you.

Find a good workout program, train hard and don’t give up. Eat the right food and learn from other guys who are clearly in great shape, or from somebody who has a positive reputation in the bodybuilding industry.

When I first got started in the gym, I trained with a guy who was obviously in better shape than me. He passed all his knowledge onto me and that’s how I got my foot in the door. We trained for many years and hardly missed a session together.

How long have I been working out?

I am 35 years old now and I have been training in gyms across Ireland and abroad for over 12 years. Before joining the gym, when I was 16, my brother and I bought a cheap set of weights (barbells and dumbbells) and started working out at home in my dad’s shed in the garden.

All I had was an old workout poster as a reference guide. I was a skinny teenager,  but I always had a desire to build muscle and get totally shredded.

How long did it take me to get in the shape I’m in today?

It took about three years, – I failed to achieve the kind of physique I wanted many times, but I just kept going, learning through trial and error.

The fact that I was consistent and kept trying out different exercises to see what worked, got me there in the end.

As you can tell from this photo, I let myself go for a while. I wasn’t consistent with my training, but I eventually pulled myself together again.

before and after

My first bodybuilding show

On October 3rd, 2015, I competed in my very first bodybuilding competition.

my first bodybuilding show

My first time competing

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and it was something I always wanted to do, but, – just didn’t have the confidence to do it.

After competing, I was completely hooked.

I loved every minute of it and look forward to stepping on stage in front of a large audience again this year and hopefully for many years to come.

What kind of food do I eat to stay in shape?

My diet is very clean; I eat a lot of whole grain foods, like oats, brown rice, brown pasta, vegetables, broccoli and spinach, and fruits.

Everybody knows what the best foods are but getting into the habit of eating them often is what counts. If you cut out processed foods and sugar from your diet and instead, eat good wholesome foods, you build muscle and burn fat easier.

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Where does my motivation come from?

My motivation comes from wanting to improve in the gym, as well as improve my physique. I also enjoy the feeling I get from lifting weights and pushing myself.

There are days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I know that if I do, I will feel much better afterwards.

weightlifting is my therapy

Best Exercises for building muscle mass?

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press
  • Wide-grip pullups
  • Bent-over barbell rows
  • Overhead shoulder press

These are just a few of the best compound exercises for building size and strength.

Squats, deadlifts and bench presses, are the top three exercises here. Once you know how- to do them correctly, they will hit every muscle in your body.

To the doubters and haters….

If you think it’s impossible to build an impressive physique, then look at some of these pro natural bodybuilders who have been competing for decades:

Pro Natural Bodybuilders

Look at guys like Philip Manuel Ricardo, Ulisses Wiliiams,  Jim Cordova and Doug Miller. These guys need to be drug tested to compete in any natural bodybuilding contest.

drug-free bodybuilders

There are plenty other natty’s that I haven’t listed, each claiming to be steroid-free. However, I am a big believer in developing your physique naturally.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments below!


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This program designed for beginners and intermediate trainers that will ultimately transform your physique as long as you put the work in.

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Why Music Motivates Us To Workout

why music motivates us to workout

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get through your workout, blasting your favorite tunes on your iPod or smartphone can put you right in the zone.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to cover “why music motivates us to workout”and how it distracts the mind during exercise and makes us less aware of exertion – the ‘pain’ involved when you’re lifting a heavy weight or performing aerobic exercises.

There’s science behind it too: Music can make your body work harder and faster and have an enormous effect on your workouts.

Still not convinced?

The next time you’re in the gym, pop on your favorite tracks – preferably ones with plenty of beats-per-minute (BPM)  – and see how it can boost your physical performance.

Here are just some of the reasons why what you listen to can have a significant influence on your body.

Music makes you Train at Higher Intensity

During workouts, music makes me want to push my body beyond it’s normal limit and train at a higher intensity when I’m at the gym.

It helps me bang out more reps and push heavy weight which is exactly what I want! Music keeps me 100% focused on each exercise, without letting myself get distracted. When I’m in that zone, I feel invincible!

music workout motivation

It has been proven by studies time and time again that music can benefit athletic performance by as much as 15 percent.

Pretty impressive, right? That’s not all. Studies have shown that music can help to focus your mind and make you concentrate on the task at hand.

In a gym context, this means lifting weights with more energy, more vigour, and more force. The result? You’re more likely to stick with your workout goals and get your body in tip-top condition.

Fast music helps you get better gains

Not all music is the same. At least not according to the experts. Research in 2010 found that cyclists were able to exert more force when they listened to upbeat music with fast beats.

The ‘sweet spot’ was between 120 and 140 beats per minute when performing moderate exercises.

What you listen to is up to you but playing relatively fast music might just help you break that plateau you’ve hit and get you to lift heavy and push your body to complete failure.

Try it the next time you’re in the gym and see how you feel.

Make your own playlist

So, now you’ve read the science behind it, why does music have such a profound effect on our body and mood in the gym? Well, some people think it’s because we associate certain sounds and rhythms with particular actions.

For example, pulsating beats might remind us of getting up and moving faster, while we associate slower songs with sitting down and relaxing.

If you want to get more out of your deadlifts, squats and bench press, create a killer gym playlist that will get you in the zone the next time you go training.

the rock headphones

It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Search for fast tracks that get you moving and help provide a diversion when you’re flagging in the gym.

To recap:

+ Music helps to focus your mind and concentrate on your training. Studies show that the right songs can distract your mind when lifting heavy weight in the gym.

+ Rap and Dance are a lot better than pop ballads. The average dance track has 128 BPM and the average rap song has 80 bpm.

The ultimate workout tracklist

Here are a few of my ultimate workout tracks. I like these for different reasons but incorporating a couple into your workout might give you the inspiration you need.

1. Jorge Quintero: “Violin Orchestra”

A rousing classical instrumental that will make you want to lift heavier and work harder in the gym.



2. Androis: “The Fall of Humanity”

Dark, mysterious dubstep that sounds great on your earphones. Perfect for squats.



3. Calvin Harris: “Let’s Go”

Featuring Ne-Yo, this dance smash has plenty of beats per minute and a frantic bassline.



4. Eminem: “Lose Yourself”

Eminem’s classic from 8 Mile. A song about going out and getting what you want – the same principles you can apply in your quest to get big and ripped.



5. Eminem: “Till I Collapse”

The perfect motivational mantra for anyone who wants to get big. Includes the lyrics “get that motivation to not give up and not be a quitter”.



6. Survivor: “Eye of the Tiger”

I associate this with Rocky’s long descent up the steps. Fast, infectious and guaranteed to get you putting, at least, another couple of kilograms on the bench press.



7. Kraddy: “Android Porn”

Loud, brash and furious, this track has plenty of BPM and will give you the motivation you need.



8. Two Steps From Hell: “Protectors of the Earth”

A perfect example of why music motivates us to work out. Quick and unrelenting, this track is great for the gym.



Music is definitely a powerful tool to keep us in the zone and workout at a high intensity, for longer periods.

What music motivates you during a workout? Leave your answers in the comments section below:

PS. If you enjoyed reading this article, then please share it on social media. Appreciate it. Thanks!

3 Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make In The Gym

common workout mistakes

Photo Credit: Pascal via pasukaru76

Trying to pack on serious muscle mass at the gym? Stop! You’re probably doing it all wrong. There are 3 common workout mistakes that you need to know before you go any further. Once you know these bodybuilding hacks, you’ll have a competitive advantage over other newbies in the gym. Read on to find out what they are.

1. You’re rushing things in the gym

Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you want to get seriously jacked, patience is key. Devising a proper workout plan is a good place to start but if you’re rushing things in the gym and not focusing on proper form, you could be losing out on newbie gains (the amount of muscle you build when you first start working out).

Even worse, you could be putting your body at risk if you’re training with weights that are just too heavy for you.

Here’s the thing: When you start training, your connective tissue probably can’t take the strain if the weights you’re using are too heavy. The solution? Start off slow and take your time.

Here are some top tips for newbies when it comes to weight training:

+ It’s an age-old cliche but bodybuilding is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to get ripped, start off with lighter weights and gradually increase the amount of weight every week (about 5 percent should do it) otherwise, you’ll plateau and just be wasting your time.

+ Combine isolation exercises (that focus on one part of the body like bicep curls) with compound exercises (movements that focus on more than one muscle group, like squats) to give your body a better workout.

+ Don’t just focus on the exercises that target the chest and biceps. This is a common mistake that newbies make and one that should be avoided.

Devise a plan whereby you train every body part – such as the often-neglected shoulders, back and lower legs – so that you can achieve a better body composition.


You can achieve this by following a 4 day split workout routine, where you train two body parts each day.

2. You’re not lifting weights properly

Sorry to break to you but you’re probably lifting weights wrong if you’re a beginner. Don’t panic, you’re not the only one. After all, even the world’s best bodybuilders had to start somewhere.

+ Focus on form. You shouldn’t be straining when lifting weights (and you could be doing damage if you are). This is one of the most common workout mistakes beginners make in the gym that ruins their progress.

Practice doing the exercises with proper form before you consider increasing the weight.

+ Rest for at least 30 seconds between each set.

+ Don’t train the same body part two days in a row. You actually build muscle when you’re resting (away from the gym).

3. Your diet is awful

Think you only build muscle in the gym? Think again. What you eat – and how often – plays a major part in lean muscle mass development so make sure your diet is on point if you want to become a beast.

Struggling to incorporate healthy foods choices into your diet? Don’t worry – it’s a lot easier than you think. You can make a few simple changes in the kitchen that will build some serious muscle in no time.

You can make a few simple changes in the kitchen that will build some serious muscle in no time. Read:- Bodybuilding Meal Plans for Faster Gains.

Here are some beginner’s diet hacks:

+ Protein is the building block of muscle and you’re probably not getting enough of the stuff. Start by consuming a gram of protein for each pound of your bodyweight (for example, if you weigh 170 lbs, aim for 170 grams of protein a day). While this might sound a lot to a newbie, it’s easier to achieve than you might think.

Eat foods that contain the best protein sources, like lean meats (turkey, chicken, beef), fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel), nuts and seeds, and lots of eggs if you’re serious about bodybuilding.

+ Decide whether you want to cut or bulk – two bodybuilding terms that might sound alien to a newbie. When you bulk, you’re eating at calorie surplus (consuming more calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight) in order to build lean muscle mass.

When you cut, you’re eating at a calorie deficit (consuming fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight) in order to lose fat.

Decide on what your goals are and adapt your eating habits accordingly.

+ Boozy nights out can harm your gains. It’s not just the alcohol that can do damage (studies show that alcoholic beverages can temporarily reduce testosterone, which you need to build muscle mass) but binging on fatty, unhealthy food the morning after the night before could hinder your progress too.

+ A cheat meal can do wonders if you’ve been dieting for a while but don’t make it a regular occurrence. If you want to take a short break from your diet, indulge in a high-carb snack to increase your glycogen levels, which can be depleted if you’re eating at a calorie deficit (cutting).


4 day split maximum muscleNo more wasting time in the gym and not getting the results you want. I created a workout program designed for beginners and intermediate trainers that will ultimately transform your physique as long as you put the work in.

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6 “Must Do” Compound Exercises For Building Size and Strength

compound exercises for building size

For those of you who are unaware that strength is very important for building muscle and burning fat.

In this blog post, you’re going to get my top 6 “Must Do” compound exercises for building muscle and strength.

It’s probably the most underrated component that most people ignore and the reason they don’t get the results they really want.

Benefits of Compound Exercises

A Compound exercise means you are targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time. So, let’s say you do bicep curls; you’re only working your biceps alone.

The same applies to exercises, like skull crushers, where you only work your triceps. That’s why they are called isolation exercises.

So, if you are serious about building muscle and strength, then you have to do compound exercises.

Probably you already know how to perform most of these exercises, If not, then you definitely should, because if you do, you will get far better results from your workout.

Once you learn how to master each of these moves (and you will if you do them consistently), you will get the fastest results.

6 “Must Do” Compound Exercises

So many guys try to show off by lifting too heavy with poor form. That’s why I included instructions on how to execute each of these compound movements correctly to prevent injury



There are not too many weight training exercises that are good as deadlifts for building a wide variety of muscles in a single move.

The deadlift works your back, glutes, hamstrings, hips, quads, biceps, and forearms. Why would you want to miss out on that? If you are interested in reading more about the benefits of deadlifts check out – 20 Benefits of Deadlifts you probably never knew.

The Deadlift is an easy exercise to perform, but the only difficult part is having good form, especially when you are lifting heavy weights.

Injuries can occur at any moment, so make sure you know exactly what you doing.  I  have had my fair share of injuries over the years because of poor form.

Don’t make this mistake; wear a belt, and if you are a beginner practice just lifting the bar with no weight on it. Practice makes perfect.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that will show you how to deadlift correctly, so practice makes perfect. You can also ask one of the personal trainers at your gym to show you how to do them.

How to perform deadlifts correctly

  • Position your feet beneath a loaded barbell.  Squat down and grasp the bar with an overhand grip.
  • Then, begin by lifting the bar by extending hips and knees to full extension.
  • As you reach the standing position, pull shoulders back.
  • Return to starting position and repeat.
  1. SQUAT


There is no doubt why squats have been voted the king of all muscle building exercises. Professional bodybuilders and strength athletes have been doing them for decades.

Squats are most effective when they are done with your thighs parallel to the floor (known as a deep squat).

Similar to deadlifts, squats work several muscle groups in one lift. That causes the release of testosterone in the body. Again, your form is important when performing this exercises.

If you have never before done squats, practice squatting with just a barbell, with no weight on it, eventually adding weight as you progress.

If you are serious about developing your hamstring’s, the thigh’s and glutes, squats are definitely the best exercise for that.  It will help you build muscle and strength in your lower body.

If you are a woman, and you want a bigger and firmer butt, then check out this article 10 benefits of squats for women.

How to perform squats correctly

  • Position an Olympic bar on a rack at chest height.
  • Then, position the bar on the back of your shoulders, grasping the bar on both sides.
  • Next, lift the bar from the rack and position your legs shoulder width apart.
  • Sit back while slowly pushing your hips back and allowing your knees to bend forward. Squat down until your legs are parallel to the ground.
  • Keep your head up, then slowly extend the bar to starting position and repeat.


bench press

The Barbell Bench press is one of the most popular upper body compound exercises amongst bodybuilders and powerlifters. The bench press will also target related muscle groups such as arms and shoulders.

I have been doing the bench press for over 10 years now and it’s always the first exercise I do to begin my chest workout.

People have been doing this exercise for decades, and there is more than one variation -: reverse grip, narrow grip floor press, and JM press, to name a few.

The more weight you are able to push in a single rep, the greater chance you have to develop upper body strength, muscle, and power.

Like I said, when you do these exercises in the beginning for your chest workout, you will make faster gains than you ever imagined.

If you are a beginner, I recommend a 4-day workout split routine, so you target each body part once a week.

It’s very important that you get plenty of rest and eat healthy sources of protein and carbohydrates as well.  Obey these tips, and you can’t go wrong!

How to perform Bench Press correctly

  • Lay down on a flat bench and grasp the bar, using a wide overhand grip.
  • Lift the barbell from the rack and hold it above your chest.
  • Next, slowly lower the bar until it almost touches your chest.
  • Then, pause a second and raise the bar back up to the starting position.
  • Complete the desired number of reps, then return the bar to the rack.


  • Focus on pushing the bar, using your chest muscles, squeezing your chest at the top of the movement.
  • Make sure you have full control of the barbell the entire time.

4.    Bent-over Barbell Rows

bent over barbell rows

The back is one of the biggest major muscle groups, besides chest and legs. There are muscles in your back that you probably didn’t know about.

The bent-over barbell row is one of the most popular compound exercises for building strength, as well as working your entire upper back muscles.

This exercise will add more thickness to your back because it will work all your major back muscles, including, Lats, posterior delts, and traps.  It will work your biceps as well. This is great because I love training my guns!

Also, this movement can be done in different variations such as changing your grip position and the ranges of motion that you pull the bar.

How to perform Bent-over Barbell Rows correctly

  • Grab a barbell (palms facing down) with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Bend your knees slightly and lean forward.
  • While keeping your back straight and arms fully extended, pull the weight right up to your waist.
  • With arms fully extended, lower the weight until your shoulders are stretched downward.
  • Make sure to keep your head raised.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.

5.    Pullups



Another one of my top muscle building and strength exercises is definitely the Pull Up. So, if you want that nice v-taper, then you will want to include the Pull Up in your program. They will help you increase your pulling strength.

This exercise takes a bit of time to get used to but once you learn how to master the Pull Up you will be able to advance to performing other body weight exercises, such as weighted dips and weighted pushups.

Check out this article Get Bigger and Stronger with Weighted Pull Ups, Dips and Push Ups.

How to perform Pull Ups correctly

  • Grab a Pull Up bar with an overhand grip (palms facing forward).
  • Cross one leg over the other and pull your body up so your chin rises above the bar.
  • Slowly lower your body to the starting position until your arms and shoulders are fully extended.


Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades back as you reach the top of the bar.

Easier Pull Up Variation

If you are finding it difficult to do Pull Ups, use an assisted pull up machine or try placing your feet  on a bench.

6.    Over-Head Press

Standing Military Shoulder Press - 4 Sets of 8-10 Reps

The final compound exercise is the standing overhead press (also know as The Military Press).  This is one of the most underrated movement for crafting perfect shoulders.

This exercise will also build your bench press strength. It’s quite common for guys to do this exercise with poor form. So if you are not careful you can ultimately do some damage to your shoulders.

With each repetition, you will be targeting your deltoid muscles as well as your triceps.

How to perform Over-Head Press correctly

  • Position your feet at shoulder width stance, with both knees inside the arms.
  • Next, lift the bar to shoulder height.
  • Next, press the bar over your head with arms fully extended.
  • Lower the bar in front of your neck and repeat for the desired number of reps.

Keep A Workout Log

If you want to improve on either of these exercises, I suggest keeping a workout log to track your best lifts. You can keep a record of the number of sets, reps, rest time and intensity of your workout.

A lot of people don’t do this and that’s why they hit a plateau in their training.  Trust me, it will make a positive impact on your progress and I highly recommend it.

I hope you liked reading this blog post, I’d really appreciate it if you shared it on social media for me. Thanks a lot and good luck!

If there are any other effective compound exercises that I have not included, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Good luck!

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